Pujan Sharma

ASP.NET MVC Training 13 October, 2022

I found my instructor to be very knowledgeable, proactive, friendly and at times he went extra miles in solving our problems through practical examples which helped us to understand and solve our problems in a better and professional way. And the most interesting thing which I found was his way of recording all the classes into a video, which will help us a lot in all our future projects which we do in Asp.Net MVC. Regarding Broadway Infosys Nepal, I found all the staff members to be very friendly and supportive in all ways possible for us to have a wonderful stay in Nepal and made us feel like home. At the same time, the infrastructures and the facilities were also good enough for us to have a wonderful and enjoyable sessions everyday. The contents were very well organized and it had all the things required for us to understand the concepts and implementations at both practical & professional levels. I think now I'm confident enough for me to start working in any kind of ASP.NET project back at my office.