Punam Jha

Web Design Training 13 October, 2022

I am very thankful to be a part of Broadway Infosys Nepal. It provides the big platform as well as friendly environment for its students to develop their skills as well as to make improvements. It produces competent manpower who are ready to accept the challenges of today. In Broadway Infosys Nepal, different IT related courses can be studied which are required in today's world. I am very glad to get an opportunity to study here again. I am sure that, this place is one of the best institutes for the students who are studying subjects related to the technical or non-technical field and they can get a job according to their training. Now, talking about the instructors, firstly they are experienced and skilful manpower. During the training, my teacher who is highly qualified creates hard problems as examples and at the next moment, he solves it in a simple way. He can easily solve all doubts and problems of students and talks individually about the queries. Mr. Uttam Adhikari is the business development director of the institute. He is very frank and asks individually about the problems if they exist. Finally, I want to say that I am very satisfied with the instructor as well as institute with a friendly environment.