Rekha Bohara

IOS App Development Training 13 October, 2022

In IT, here if anything that matter most  is skill , Being IT student I always have passion towards programming and Broadway Infosys turned my that passion  into skill. To choose Broadway  is one of my best decision. 24/7 running classes on each and every new technology, amazing  managerial management skill of Uttam sir, best management team, selected best experience teacher, I found Broadway more than my expectations. they don't only help you to sharpen your skill but also help you to establish your career in best companies around the world. At first I  came to Broadway empty handed just holding a  passion for IOS but in return I found hand full of opportunities . Broadway helped me to step my career path in professional world . It turned my dream into reality.It provides young fresh students a platform  to rise their skill and  achieve their dreams. I really appreciate how they are doing.


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