Roshan Tamang

Web Design Training 13 October, 2022

To Broadway Infosys Nepal,
In order to utilize the three months of gap after my SLC examination, I was in great confusion what to do. My all other friends already had joined bridge courses language classes and some basic computer classes. I felt like I was in too last among my friends. I wanted to develop some IT skills in that period. Therefore, I spent many times in search of computer training institute in Kathmandu. I found a unique institute named ‘Broadway Infosys Nepal’ when I searched for the institute. Its responsive website fascinated me. Then the testimonials of ex-students inspired me to join Broadway.
The journey of two months with Broadway in Web Design and C& c++ Programming was unforgettable and very interesting. Qualified and experienced instructors led me to perfection in my related field. I’m highly satisfied with each and every moment spent with Broadway. Fast internet and 24 hours power supply played very important contribution for the training. It helped to run the practical activities along with learning theoretical knowledge’s. Perfect guidance, feedback and interaction of my teachers made me feel like home and I’m being taught by my own friends. I didn’t get notice of spending two months with Broadway.
For new students or people who want to gain or improve their IT skill, I want to advise them to join Broadway. It is the team of qualified, professional and experienced instructors and staff. It gives quality of knowledge and guides perfectly to way of related IT field where you want to make your career at moderate payment. It offers various subjects like Web Design, AutoCAD, Java, Android etc.. It not only gives knowledge, it offers for internships or jobs after training for the students.
I’m proud of being a student of Broadway Infosys Nepal. I liked its all facilities and hope for all the best in the future. Keep it up.
Thank you.