Rupesh Kumar Yadav

Auto-CAD Training 3 February, 2020

Broadway Infosys Nepal's administrative & management team are quite attentive & fabulous. Guy's! believe me, they just handle you as their responsibility. I've visited lots of institute in Kathmandu, but when I decided to admit myself in Broadway Infosys, I became surprised by their coordination and mutual understanding with their students. Adhikari sir who is also a counselor of Broadway is one of the most honest, folksy and responsible man that I've seen ever. Students who are from Terai and Janakpur, Adhikari sir will be more pleased to guide and pays an extra attention to such guys, in fact, he also provides special rebates to such one. So please ones visit this institution and I'll make you assure that you people wouldn't get any means of cheated and misguided by this. Thanks & I myself feel a lucky one.


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