Sanjeeb Thapa

13 October, 2022

After visiting Broadway Infosys Nepal, I recognized myself to be a deterministic and a skillful person. Whilst in waiting, I enrolled for the "Advanced PHP/MYSQL" programme which felt like the perfect fit to complement my programming experience and developing my programming skill.

At the end of the course ,it dawned on me that I was now empowered with the skills, knowledge to set up and operate and work as a qualified PHP Programmer. Backed with confidence and courage I just could not wait to complete the program, I was enrolled in Web Development Company within a week after completion of my course. I found the course relevant to standard IT industry requirement.
There were times when I wanted to grow particularly in developing my skill on PHP and I found my lecturer empowering me a way to success. This is when I found it important and helpful to reassure myself and look at the big picture to re-energies to go on. Again the Key was set to Broadway Infosys Nepal.

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