Sanjeev Yadav

C & C++ Programming Training 13 October, 2022

Before I came to Broadway, I was taking online programming classes, but several of my questions remained unanswered. So, with a hope to learn better, I joined Broadway Infosys Nepal. It has been the best decision of my life. Not only were my questions answered, but I was taught several other things that I had no clue about. I personally believe that Broadway is the best IT center both inside and outside the valley because of their resources, every student has access to a computer, Wi-Fi, and the digital teaching style using projector makes the student very comfortable. The rooms are properly designed to ensure airflow and to cancel unnecessary noise from outside the building. I personally love the fact that the management makes personal contact with the individual student(as they did with me), to double check on the teachers as well as the students. Because of all these reasons, I'll surely be back to learn another programming course i.e. Python and Django. I would like to thank Broadway Infosys Nepal for all their support.