UI UX Design Training in Nepal

UI/UX Design Training in Kathmandu, Nepal

Duration: 2 Months (90 Hrs)
Career: UI/UX Designer
Training Mode: Both, Physical & Live Online Classes
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UI/UX Design Training in Nepal

Broadway Infosys Nepal offers a world class UI/UX design training in Nepal to help aspiring designers develop essential design skills and apply them for successful mobile/web application designs. The course aims to enhance a design skills by implementing a CX centric approach. Although, there is a higher demand of UI/UX design training in Nepal among the IT graduates, designing professionals and enthusiasts considering the shortage of skillful designers in IT job market. Therefore, Broadway Infosys has been offering career-oriented UI/UX design course developed by the consultation and guidance of best industry experts in the country. 



Benefits of UI/UX Design Training

As UI/UX is one of the critical phases of software and web application development process, the role of skillful and smart UI/UX designer is important to make things easier for the end-user experience. The course offers the following key benefits to students aspiring to become a professional UI/UX designer:

  • Understand the basic principles of UI/UX and its significance for application designs.
  • Develop the ability to implement the design thinking process and a key element of UI/UX tools to enhance the end-user experience.
  • Learn to develop wireframes and prototypes before actual product development.
  • Identify the differences between UI/UX and CX (Customer Experience)
  • Learn to integrate impactful design in applications for effective visual communication
  • Become familiar with the latest design trends and practices
  • Career opportunity as UI/UX designer, brand analysts, creative executives and so on


This course helps students learn basic principles to create a professional design for any application. Therefore, UI/UX training not only offers the essential skills and tips to become a proficient designer but also improves the competitiveness of any design professional to become globally competent. 

Broadway welcomes every aspiring UI/UX designer to learn more about the course and get enrolled for our upcoming UI/UX training course. You can reach out to us via our Facebook page, website or visiting our office location at Subidhanagar, Kathmandu, Nepal. 

Benefits of UI/UX Design Training at Broadway Infosys Nepal 

Any students learning UI/UX design courses at Broadway get the following privileges:

  • A fully career-oriented training course designed with inputs from industry experts
  • Recognition of having trained at one of the leading institutes in the country
  • Opportunity to learn from highly experienced design experts 
  • Online UI/UX training available for busy and distant professionals/students
  • Scholarship and special discount available for deserving students
  • Job Placement opportunities for deserving students after completion of training

UI UX Design Training in Nepal - Outlines
  • Introduction to User Interface and User Experience Design

    • Introduction to User Interface Designing and User Experience Designing
    • Basic UI/UX Design Principles
    • Understanding the Design Process
    • Elements of the UX Design
    • Top skills to have as a UX Designer
    • Working as a UX/UI Designer: Design Sprints
    • Understanding the details of projects for choices.


    Project: These are the projects for choices to learn from

    • Ecommerce platform overhaul
    • Educational Platform for Remote Learning
    • Travel Planning and Booking Platform
    • Smart Home Management System

  • Design Tool

    • Walkthrough of Figma as a Design Tool
    • Understanding Auto Layouts and its use
    • Designing visual components and variants
    • Getting familiar with variables and conditions


    Project: Design a simple Landing Page using Figma with Auto Layouts and Components design capabilities to get hands-on experience and become familiar with using the tool.

  • Research Techniques and Methodologies

    • Conducting User Research and why it is important
    • Competitive Analysis
    • User Profiles
    • Open Ended Questions and Conducting Interviews
    • Empathy Mapping
    • User Persona


    Project: Conduct research, collect data and create User Persona, for the project of choice from one of the list below:

    • Ecommerce platform overhaul
    • Educational Platform for Remote Learning
    • Travel Planning and Booking Platform
    • Smart Home Management System

  • Ideation

    • Using mood board for inspiration
    • Brainstorming and Sketching*
    • Wireframe: Low Fidelity and High Fidelity
    • Understanding Grids and Layouts Systems
  • Continuing Research methods

    • Journey Mapping and User Flows
    • Card Sorting Methods
    • Information Architecture for Intuitive Navigation
    • Researching when you don’t have access to users
    • Analysing User Data


    Project: Create User Flow and Architecture for the project chosen earlier during the start of the course.

  • Creating Problem Statements and Hypothesis

    • Understanding the UX Design principles
    • User Scenarios and Problem Statements
    • Writing hypothesis to the problems identified and generating ideas based on needs
  • Designing Interfaces

    • Understanding Gestalt and UI Design Principles
    • Elements of UI Design: Color, Typography and Iconography
    • Accessibility in Design
    • User Controls and Patterns
    • Creating style guides and using it for UI Design


    Project: Ideate and create a user interface for the project chosen in earlier weeks including style guides.

  • Prototyping and Testing

    • Prototyping with Figma
    • Introduction to Interaction Design Principles
    • Understanding Micro and Macro Interactions
    • Conducting Usability Tests
    • Understanding different Testing methods for a design project
    • Creating Flows for Developer Handoff


    Project: Create a working MVD with clickable prototype and flows of the project chosen in earlier week.

  • Getting Market Ready

    • Understanding the key elements of portfolio: UX Case Study
    • Planning and Designing your portfolio
    • Structuring your resume to get noticed by humans and AI
    • Discussing your FINAL PROJECT SUBMISSION
    • Design Interview Preparation tips and common questions to tackle
    • Understanding aspects of working in real world as a designer




    TOOLS TAUGHT Figma, FigJam, Xmind

Upcoming Class Schedule
16 Jun 2024 06:30 AM - 08:00 AM
23 Jun 2024 08:00 AM - 09:30 AM
23 Jun 2024 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
23 Jun 2024 03:00 PM - 04:30 PM
30 Jun 2024 06:00 PM - 07:30 PM

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