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Excel VBA and Macro Training

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VBA with Macro Training at Broadway Infosys

Broadway Infosys, Nepal's premier IT training institute, presents an intensive VBA with Macro training program designed to equip students with essential skills in Excel automation and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming. This course offers a comprehensive exploration of spreadsheet automation, from recording macros to creating custom functions and forms. With Broadway Infosys, participants will delve into the core concepts of VBA, develop proficiency in data manipulation, and harness the power of automation to streamline Excel workflows effectively.


Why Learn VBA with Macro?

VBA with Macro training complements Excel proficiency by enabling users to automate repetitive tasks, increase productivity, and unlock advanced features not readily accessible through standard Excel functions. Participants will learn to develop custom solutions tailored to organizational needs, enhancing their versatility and marketability in today's competitive job market.


Benefits of VBA with Macro Training:

  • Enhanced Productivity: Learn to automate repetitive tasks and streamline Excel workflows, saving time and boosting efficiency in data analysis and reporting.
  • Custom Solutions: Gain the skills to create custom functions, forms, and add-ins tailored to specific business requirements, empowering you to address complex challenges effectively.
  • Advanced Data Manipulation: Master techniques for working with objects, arrays, ranges, and charts, enabling you to manipulate and visualize data with precision and clarity.
  • Error Handling: Acquire expertise in debugging code and handling errors, ensuring smooth execution and robust performance of VBA programs.
  • Career Advancement: With VBA with Macro training from Broadway Infosys, participants will enhance their employability and career prospects, opening doors to lucrative opportunities in data analysis, finance, consulting, and beyond.

Join us for our upcoming VBA with Macro training sessions and embark on a journey towards Excel proficiency and automation excellence.

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VBA with Macro - Outlines
  • Chapter 1: VBA Introduction

    Recording Macros

    Recording and Running Macros Recording a Macro

    Running a Macro

    Adding a Macro/Procedure to the Quick Access Toolbar The Personal Macro Workbook

    Saving the Personal Macros Editing a Personal Macro

    Assigning Personal Macros to the Toolbar

  • Chapter 2: Working with the Visual Basic Editor

    Introducing Visual Basic for Applications

    Editing Macros in Visual Basic Editor

    Understanding the Development Environment

    Protect/Lock Excel VBA Code

    Using Help

  • Chapter 3: Developing with Procedures

    Understanding and Creating Modules

    Defining Procedures

    Naming Procedures

    Creating a Sub-Procedure Working Using the Code Editor

  • Chapter 4: Managing Program Execution

    Defining Control-Of-Flow structures

    Using Boolean Expressions

    Using the IfEnd If Decision Structures

    Using the Select CaseEnd Select Structure

    Using the DoLoop Structure

    Using The ForNext Structure

    Using the For EachNext Structure

    Guidelines for Use Of Control-Of-Flow Structures

  • Chapter 5: Debugging the Code

    Understanding Errors

    Using Debugging Tools

    Identifying the Value of Expressions

    Setting Breakpoints

    How to Step Through Code

    Working with Break Mode during Run Mode

    Using the Immediate Window

  • Chapter 6: Understanding Objects

    Defining Objects

    Examining the Excel Object Hierarchy

    Defining Collections

    Referencing Objects in a Collection

    Using the Object Browser

    Working with Properties

    The With Statement

    Working With Methods

    Event Procedures

  • Chapter 7: Using Intrinsic Functions, Variables, Expressions

    Defining Expressions and Statements



    How to Declare Variables

    Naming Variables

    Assigning Values To Variables

    Declaring Variables Explicitly

    Determining Data Types

    Programming with Variable Scope

    Harnessing Intrinsic Functions

    Defining Constants and Using Intrinsic Constants

    Using Intrinsic Constants

  • Chapter 8: Creating user defined functions

    Creating a Function Procedure

    Calling a UDF

    Using a function within an Excel Workbook

  • Chapter 9: Message Boxes and Input Boxes

    Adding Message Boxes

    Return Values

    Notes Error! Bookmark not defined

    Using Input Boxes

    How to Declare and Use Object Variables

  • Chapter 10: Handling Errors

    Defining VBA’s Error Trapping Options

    Capturing Errors with the On Error Statement

    Determining the Err Object

    Coding an Error-Handling Routine

    Using Inline Error Handling

  • Chapter 11: Creating Forms

    Defining UserForms

    Utilising the Toolbox

    Using UserForm Properties, Events And Methods



    Understanding Controls

    Naming Conventions

    Setting Control Properties in the Properties Window

    Using the Label Control

    Using the Text Box Control

    Using the Command Button Control

    Using the Combo Box Control

    Using the Frame Control

    Using Option Button Controls

  • Chapter 12: Working with Ranges

    What is a Range?

    Range Property of the Application

    Cells Property

    The SpecialCells Method

    Naming Ranges

    Working with Collections

  • Chapter 13: Charts

    Creating charts from worksheet data

    Key Properties and methods of the chart object

    Creating Charts from Arrays

  • Chapter 14: Pivottable Objects

    Understanding PivotTables

    Creating A PivotTable


    Using the PivotTable Wizard Method

    Using PivotFields

  • Chapter 15: Working with Arrays

    What is an Array

    Array Sizes

    One Dimensional Arrays

    Arrays with Multiple Dimensions

    A word about index numbers

    Ubound and Lbound

    Saving arrays in names

  • Chapter 16: Working with Procedure and Parameters

    Working with Procedure and Parameters

  • Chapter 17: Creating Add-Ins

    VBA Password Protection

    About Macro Security

    Macro security settings and their effects

    Change Macro Security Settings

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