Web Design Training in Nepal Front End web Development Training in Kathmandu, Nepal - HTML5, CSS3, Java Script & Responsive Design Training

Web Design Training in Nepal

Web designing Training offers basic techniques and approaches required for effective web page creation. The core objective of this course is to train aspiring web designers to create user friendly websites adopting modern web designing concepts. Broadway has been providing career oriented web designing training in Nepal since its establishment.

Course Highlights

  • Understanding modern trends and techniques in professional web designing
  • Course designed for individuals with programming background and non-programming background
  • Understanding smarter approaches to mock-up and template designs
  • Learning the significance of well-developed websites for businesses
  • Final Project Work

Benefits of Web Design Training at Broadway Infosys Nepal

  • Nepal’s highly recognized and experienced web designers as instructors
  • Interactive and participative learning environment
  • Regular practical classes
  • Sufficient training resources available
  • Guaranteed internship opportunities
  • Placement opportunity for deserving trainees after course completion
  • Project work supervision and evaluation done by team of instructors and experts

Syllabus Outline

  • Introduction to Web Designing
  • Learning the front-end and back end design concepts
  • Wireframe/Prototype development
  • Introduction to HTML5, CSS and JQuery & training
  • Developing Mock-ups using Adobe Photoshop/Fireworks
  • Web Hosting, Domain registration etc.

Since web designing training is one of the most sought trainings in Nepal thousands of students and professionals apply at Broadway Infosys Nepal every year. Please make sure you reserve your seat at the earliest for our upcoming web designing training session. We are round-the-clock available for any kind of inquiry.


Students attending Web Designing course should have basic knowledge Office Application, HTML.

Duration: 2 Months
Career Option : Web Designer/ UI Designer


Twitter Bootstrap in Responsive Web Design

History of Web/Mobile Development


Mockup Designing (Adobe Photoshop/Fireworks)

  • Psychology of Color in Web
  • Typography
  • Using tools for Mockup Design
  • Vector Design 
  • Designing various element for Web/Mobile
  • Mastering elements using different options
  • Using some important extension for Web/Mobile design
  • Project Work (Designing Mockup )
  • Creating Photoshop GIF Image.


  • Introduction 
  • Semantic markup with HTML5
  • HTML5 structural tags
  • XHTML vs HTML5 ( Changed Element)
  • Current state of Browser Support

HTML5 Tags

  • HTML5 Form attributes
    1. placeholder
    2. autofocus
    3. autocomplete
    4. required
    5. pattern
    6. list
    7. multiple
    8. novalidate
    9. formnovalidate
    10. form
    11. formaction
    12. formenctype
    13. formmethod
    14. formtarget
  • HTML Audio
  • HTML Video
  • HTML Progress
  • HTML Meter
  • HTML Data Tag
  • HTML Datalist Tag
  • HTML Header Tag
  • HTML Footer Tag
  • HTML Figure Tag
  • HTML Figcaption Tag
  • HTML Article Tag
  • HTML Aside Tag
  • HTML Dialog Tag
  • HTML Details Tag
  • HTML Summary Tag
  • HTML Section Tag
  • HTML Time Tag
  • HTML Main Tag
  • HTML Wbr Tag
  • HTML Canvas
    1. Rectangles
    2. Drawing Lines
    3. Drawing with Arc
    4. Path Intro
    5. Text
  • HTML Drag & Drop

Data Storage

  • Local Storage
  • Session Storage  
  • Browser Support


  • Introduction
  • Understanding Cascading Style Sheets(CSS)
  • History , Current State of CSS3 support
  • Cross browser support testing


  • How css relate to html
  • Inline, Internal and External
  • Importance and usability

Basic CSS

  • Box model 
  • width, min/max-width, height, min/max-height
  • Background,Border,Display,Padding,Line Height, Margin,Opacity, Vertical Align,White Space,Word Wrap,Outline,CSS Visibility Position
  • Float and clear


  • Attribute Selectors
  • The Target Pseudo-Class
  • UI Element States Pseudo-Classes
  • Negation Pseudo-Class
  • Structural Pseudo-Classes
  • Pseudo-elements(::first-line Pseudo-element ::first-letter Pseudo-element::before Pseudo-element::selection Pseudo-element)

Responsive Design

  • Media queries (for Mobile , Tablet, Desktop)
  • Various available frameworks for responsive design

CSS3 Fonts

  • Fonts on Web
  • The @font-face rule
  • Using Google fonts

CSS3 effects

  • gradients 
  • box-shadow
  • border-radius 
  • text-shadow

2d/3d Animation

  • Transform
  • Transition
  • CSS animation (using @keyframe)

CSS3 Border Images

CSS3 Rounded Corners

CSS3 User Interface

CSS3 Multi-column Layout

CSS3 Box Sizing

CSS3 Flexible Box

CSS3 framework

  • Most popular framework (bootstrap, ZURB foundation, 960 grid, Jquery mobile )
  • Understanding and Using bootstrap 


  • Intro Javascript (JQuery)
  • Javascript code and what to do with it
  • Values, types and Operators
  • Functions 
    1. Type of functions
    2. Importance of functions


  • Properties and methods
  • Types of objects

Intro DOM (Document Object Model)


  • Understanding Jquery and its features
  • Using it on live project
  • Exploring basic concepts


  • Sass vs SCSS vs Less
  • Preprocessing
  • Variables
  • Nesting
  • Partials
  • Import
  • Mixins
  • Inheritance
  • Operators
  • Functions

Domain Registration / Web Hosting

  • Domain Registration
  • Web Hosting
  • Cpanel/webmail
  • File upload using filezilla/cuteftp etc.

Finalizing ( Wrapping Up)

  • Final Project (assessments of all above )
  • Tips for enhancing Front End Development further
  • Pro tips for job interview 

Final Project

Mo Bah
Web Design Training

I took the Web Design Training at Broadway Infosys Nepal 7 years back and Broadway Infosys Nepal gave me the best of what I required to add up to my IT career. I later designed many websites around the world and presently doing much of web design for lots of customer from the USA and other countries...

Roshan Tamang
Web Design Training

To Broadway Infosys Nepal, In order to utilize the three months of gap after my SLC examination, I was in great confusion what to do. My all other friends already had joined bridge courses language classes and some basic computer classes. I felt like I was in too last among my friends. I wanted to...

Ram Adhar Thakur
Web Design Training

Good knowledge and skill to teach students.I like Broadway Infosys Nepal IT training center because every time students can learn and practice,there is strength management and job replacement opportunity.

Sinjan Neupane
Web Design Training

I found that Broadway Infosys Nepal is one of the best IT training center in Nepal. I got trained with web designing course that eventually met my strong desire to be well trained in web designing. Now I can assure anyone that taking training in Broadway would be their best decision. 

Ramesh Pokhrel
Web Design Training

Broadway Infosys Nepal really comes to be the good partner of the IT lovers. The real IT starts here if anybody want to be sharp knowledge person within their related IT field. Real time worked experienced instructor became the first attraction point as far as my experience expressed, secondly all t...

Shriya Sharma
Web Design Training

The institute as well as my teacher was very helpful to me in solving all my problems and queries during the entire course. I have learned a lot and learned in practical approach. I would like to thank the institute for conducting such courses.

Rakesh Ayer
Web Design Training

Days at Broadway was precious part of my life. The technique used in teaching, excellent premises and the family environment are core assets of this institute. This institute is the platform where students can learn to solve problems with practical exposure. And I feel privileged to be a part of Bro...

Rachana Mandal
Web Design Training

I feel good about my teacher and Broadway Infosys Nepal. My teacher and all other staffs are helpful and supportive here. I am glad that I learnt Web Design in this institute. Here, everything is good.

Pradip Limbu
Web Design Training

I would like to personally thank Broadway Infosys for providing such an excellent platform. To be honest, I have learned so much and have developed good understanding in PHP Programming. In addition, the course structure is well suited for those people who wants to build milestone in future. I have...

Daman Basnet
Web Design Training

Broadway Infosys Nepal is really a best institute situated in Kathmandu which provides a professional training for any level of student. All the members of this institute are co-operative and friendly which helped me to solve the problem that arose during the learning. So thanks to the institute, te...

Dilip Shrestha
Web Design Training

All is well, No comments. I think Broadway is one of the most excellent institute in the capital city of Nepal. Web page of Broadway Infosys Nepal is most attractive than other institutes in Kathmandu. All the best for more progress.

Kashan Rai
Web Design Training

As for me, it is a better place to study. Even in short period of time, I have learnt many things which will help me for future purposes. A huge thanks to the teachers and this Institute for helping me and giving me needed knowledge about Web Design.

Ibina Gautam
Web Design Training

As for me, it is a better place to study. Even in short period of time, I have learnt many things which will help me for future purposes. A huge thanks to the teachers and this Institute for helping me and giving me needed knowledge about Web Design.

Suhan Shakya
Web Design Training

It is a good institute for learning IT related courses and I have learned well through the teachers and to be a student here was a good experience.Overall Broadway Infosys Nepal is the best IT training institute.

Manoj Adhikari
Web Design Training

BIN's faculty has good knowledge and skills to teach students. I like Broadway Infosys Nepal IT training center because every time students can learn and practice  properly, there is strong management and opportunity of job replacement.

Web Design Training

When I was studying under this institution, I felt very happy and free to ask any difficulties of my course as every teachers and members are so nice in co-operating with any kind of students.

Shrawan Kumar Shrestha
Web Design Training

I got to study with a very talented, dedicated and professional teacher. The best part of Broadway Infosys Nepal is it's teaching faculty consist of real time working professionals.

Aayush Karki
Web Design Training

The management and teachers are really active in solving all questions and queries of the students. I feel lucky to be a part of Broadway Infosys Nepal as I gained a lot of career support and guidance and am very happy to have joined this amazing institute.

Dipendra Thapa
Web Design Training

" If your main vision is to gain a professional and job oriented training on web designing,then Broadway Infosys is the right place for you. You will get more than what you have expected through their training program and won't regret your decision. After a month of finishing my training on...

Sajan Kafle
Web Design Training

I am an IT Professional Officer. All the merits of my IT life belongs to Broadway Infosys Nepal . Broadway Infosys Nepal is one of the most famous institution in Information Technology field. I have simply these words to say about Broadway  "East or west Broadway is the best".

Makh Bahadur Gurung
Web Design Training

According to my opinion,I think Broadway Infosys Nepal is the right place where we can learn more than our expectation. Broadway Infosys Nepal provides highly expert trainer and well neat and clean class environments. In short  "east or west Broadway Infosys Nepal is the best".

Suvanno Tharu
Web Design Training

Broadway Infosys Nepal, a complete institution for learners. As a student of Broadway Infosys Nepal, I can proudly say that this is the place where students can learn in friendly environment. Another plus point of Broadway Infosys Nepal is good management, you don't have to complain, they resear...

Dirga Raj Lama
Web Design Training

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Web Design Training

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