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Web Development Training 


Web Development - Outlines
    • History of Web/Mobile Development
    • Research/Wire framing /Prototyping
    • Mockup Designing (Adobe Photoshop/Fireworks)
    • Psychology of Color in Web
    • Typography
    • Using tools for Mockup Design
    • Vector Design
    • Designing various element for Web/Mobile
  • Project Work (Designing Mockup) HTML5

    • Introduction
    • Semantic markup with HTML5
    • HTML5 structural tags
    • XHTML vs HTML5 (Changed Element)
    • Current state of Browser Support
  • Section and Articles

    • Section Tag
    • Article Tag
  • HTML5 Forms CSS3

    • Introduction
    • Understanding Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
    • History, Current State of CSS3 support
    • Cross browser support testing
  • HTML with CSS

    • How css relate to html
    • Inline, Internal and External
    • Importance and usability
  • Layout

    • Box model
    • Width, min/max-width, height, min/max-height
    • Padding, Margin, Position
    • Float and clear
  • Selectors

    • Attribute Selectors
    • The Target Pseudo-Class
    • UI Element States Pseudo-Classes
    • Negation Pseudo-Class
    • Structural Pseudo-Classes
  • Responsive Design

    • Media queries (for Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop)
    • Various available frameworks for responsive design
  • CSS3 Fonts

    • Fonts on Web
    • The @font-face rule
    • Using Google fonts
  • CSS3 effects

    • Gradients
    • Box-shadow
    • Border-radius
    • Text-shadow
    • Transition
  • CSS3 framework

    • Understanding and Using bootstrap

    Intro Javascript (JQuery)

    • Implementation
  • Objects

    • Properties and methods
    • Types of objects
  • Intro DOM (Document Object Model) Jquery

    • Understanding Jquery and its features
    • Using it on live project
    • Exploring basic concepts
  • Finalizing (Wrapping Up)

    • Final Project (assessments of all above)
    • File upload using filezilla/cuteftp etc.
    • Cpanel/webmail/Domain Registration
    • What next?
    • Concepts about pre-processor (Less, Sass)
    • Tips for enhancing Front End Development further
    • Pro tips for job interview
  • Final Project Courses Outline- PHP/MySQL

    • Server Installation and Background of PHP Introduction
    • PHP as a Server Side Scripting Language
    • How PHP scripts works and why use PHP?
    • Installation and Configuration: Setting up PHP Development Environment
    • AMP Stack and Working with configuration files (php.ini and httpd.conf)
    • Syntax, Quotes, Comments and Special Characters
    • Building and running our first program
    • Data types
    • Debugging basics
  • PHP web concepts

    • Web Architecture (Client / Server communications)
    • How to embed PHP into HTML
    • How to embed HTML into PHP
    • Validating and Escaping

    Basic examples of writing HTML and PHP code simultaneously

  • PHP Identifiers

    • Variables
    • Constants
    • Arrays
    • Types of Arrays (numeric / Associative)
    • Single Dimensional & Multi-Dimensional Arrays
    • Accessing Arrays
    • Playing with Arrays
    • Array functions – size, merging, sorting array to serialize etc...
  • Operators

    • Introduction
    • Assignment Operators
    • Arithmetic Operators
    • Comparison Operators
    • Increment / Decrement Operators
    • String Operator (Concatenation)
    • Logical (or Relational) Operators
    • Conditional (or ternary) Operator
    • Error suppressor (@)
  • Control Structures (Conditional statements and Loops)

    • Usage of Control structures
    • Types of Conditional Statements
    • if else condition
    • The switch statement
    • Loop Statements
    • For, while , do while loops
    • Break and continue statements
    • foreach loop
    • Workout working examples of arrays
    • Working with table and array data using loops,
    • Handling 2 dimensional, 3 dimensional and multi
    • Dimensional array data and display in tabular form,
  • Understanding HTTP Verbs and Methods

    • GET Method
    • POST Method
    • Form Handling with these Methods
    • Working with forms (in detail)
    • Creating a form with different form inputs
    • Using hidden fields
    • Redirecting the user from one page to another
    • File handling using form (multipart form data)
    • Delete a File
  • PHP Global Variables (Superglobals)

    • $_SERVER
    • $_REQUEST
    • $_POST
    • $_GET
    • $_FILES
    • $_SESSION
  • Function

    Introduction Usage of function Types of function (Predefined (Inbuilt) & User Defined function) Function parameters (With or without and conditional parameters) Returning values from a function Variable Scopes of a function Working with Some useful functions Date and time function Include and require Templating using include and require

  • Project Work:

    Templating HTML template (Separating header, footer, body) using include and require Creating and managing simple code architecture and library prior to starting project Login System

    • Building a simple login system using array data, session and cookie
    • Creating profile page and preventing access to login secured page without login
  • String Manipulation & Patterns

    • Formatting String for Presentation (printf, sprintf)
    • Formatting String for Storage
    • Joining and Splitting String
    • Comparing String
    • Matching and replace Substring
    • Extracting substrings
    • Determining the length of string
  • Sending Email

    • Introduction to SMTP
    • Sending Emails with PHP
  • Database

    • Introduction To Database
    • What is RDBMS technology?
    • Difference between SQL and NoSQL Database
    • Introduction to MySQL
    • Understanding Database, Tables, Fields
    • Introduction to SQL (Structured Query Language)
    • Using Database Management tools (phpMyAdmin/ MySQL Workbench etc.) to handle database
    • Creating and managing database
    • Selecting Database
    • Creating Tables
    • Auto Increment and Indexing a columns in tables
    • Inserting Data into tables in different ways via query
    • Updating Data and Table Structure
    • Selecting from table in different ways
    • Deleting tables and drop database
    • Alter Table structure


  • Workout:

    • Using include and require to manage function library
    • Working with file examples
    • Formatting string examples
    • Query examples using database tools like command line, phpMyAdmin, MySQL Workbench etc.
    • Email sending using contact us form
  • JavaScript and jQuery Basics

    • Introduction to JavaScript
    • Data types, operators, conditions
    • Events, function
    • Array and Objects
    • JQuery Syntax, Events
    • Some jQuery functions
    • JQuery Syntax and Events
    • JQuery Effects
    • JQuery Selectors
    • JQuery Custom Functions
      Project Work:
    • Continue the project work
    • Implement JavaScript and jQuery in the project
  • Web Security in PHP

    • Introduction to Web Security
    • Security concerns in MySQL
    • SQL Injection
    • XSS

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