ETABS Training in Nepal

ETABS Training Courses for Structural Engineering & Design

Duration: 1 Month
Career: Structural Design Engineer
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ETABS Training in Nepal

Overview of ETABS Training

ETABS training course is for civil engineers, structural engineers to acquire skills to analyze and design building systems. We are one of the highly recommended IT training institutes in Kathmandu to offer professional ETABS training in Nepal. Our professional ETABS course deals with the integrated system of ETABS and its ability to handle complex building models configuration.

The candidates will learn to operate powerful ETABS tools for complex building analysis and design. The structural engineers will also be able to reduce the time and cost of designing building systems after successful completion of ETABS training. We have designed international standard ETABS training in Nepal to address the need of innovative and technically sound structural engineers in the building industry.

Benefits of ETABS Training in Nepal

The training helps structural engineers transform specific building ideas into smart product designs. Further, knowledge of ETABS offers following skills and expertise to anyone pursuing this training:

  • Easily understand, create and edit complex building models
  • Ability to determine story level of building and input relevant building data
  • Become familiar with advanced tools for structural analysis and design of entire building
  • Learn to directly convert CAD drawings to ETABS models
  • Learn to keep building design data in graphics or tabular form and export to database
  • Become familiar with international design codes
  • Gather expertise to create floor systems, vertical and lateral framing

In the backdrop of above benefits, there is a growing demand for structural engineers with practical knowledge of ETABS while more building projects are emerging worldwide. Therefore, the number of candidates (from a structural/ civil engineering background) joining ETABS course is increasing with every training session at Broadway. We suggest you contact us at the earliest and secure your seat for upcoming ETABS training session. We have special offers waiting for you.

Benefits of ETABS Training at Broadway Infosys Nepal

The candidates have following benefits while joining Broadway for ETABS training:

  • Instructors are experienced structural engineers with ETABS certification
  • Professional ETABS course aligning with the code of best industry practices
  • Well-equipped ETABS training labs with required software and hardware specifications
  • Customized training schedule including online training available
  • Recruitment opportunities after completion of training
  • Regular assignments and practice tests
  • Special discounts available for deserving candidates
  • Guidance for gaining ETABS certification
    • Basic knowledge of CAD tools is helpful
    • Civil Engineering background is required
    • Previous experience of working with any software related to building designs is preferable

ETABS Training in Nepal - Outlines
  • ETABS (RCC + Steel Structure Analysis)

  • RCC Basic Course: Introduction to RCC Structure Modeling, Analysis, Design.

  • Classes of building (CLASS A, CLASS B, CLASS C, CLASS D)

  • Study of Various Design Code of RCC Structure.

  • Introduction of ETABS

    • Overview of ETABS
    • Getting Help
    • Templates & Defaults
    • Graphical User Interface
    • ETABS Screen Menus
    • Unit System
    • Co-ordinate System
  • Modeling of Residential & Commercial Building

    • Starting a Model
    • New model Quick Templates
    • Grid System Data
    • Add Structural Aspects
    • Edit Stories & Grid Systems
    • Add Grid at Selected Joints
    • Grid options
    • Save the Model
  • Edit Properties

    • Duplicate
    • Extrude
      • Extrude joints to frames
      • Extrude frame to shells
    • Merge joints
    • Align Joints / Frames / Shells
    • Move Joints/Frames/Shells
    • Edit Frames
    • Edit Shells
  • Defining properties

    • Material Properties, Section properties, Load pattern, Shell Uniform Load Sets
    • Load Cases
    • Load Combinations
  • Structural Objects

    • Draw grids, draw dimension lines, draw joint objects, draw beam/column/brace objects, draw floor /Wall Objects, draw reference points, draw reference planes, draw stack walls.
  • Selection Properties

    • Joint, Frame, Shell, Joint Objects, Frame Loads, Shell Loads
  • Analysis

  • Design

    Design of Various structural components

    • Extract and Design of Footing, Column, Beam, Slab, Staircase.
    • Excel sheet design for Typical Structural Components.
  • Report Preparation: Procedure


  • For Advance Course

  • All Basic Course

  • Modeling, Analysis, Design & Report of other Structural Components

    • Shear wall, Retaining wall
    • Basic course of Steel Structure:
      • Steel Deck Slab system.
      • Steel truss structure system.
  • Structural Drawing Preparation from support of Report, code, MRT


  • Projects

    • Commercial Shopping Complex - 7 Storey
    • Residential Building - 2.5 Storey
Upcoming Class Schedule
26 Mar 2023 04:30 PM - 06:00 PM

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