Node.js Training in Nepal

Node.JS, Server Side JavaScript Training in Kathmandu, Nepal

Duration: 1.5 Months
Career: Node JS Developer
Training Mode: Both, Physical & Live Online Classes
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Node.js Training in Nepal

Node.js is one of the hottest new technologies getting popular among the developers community and top tech companies around the world. It is a server-side JavaScript environment that is able to compile and execute JavaScript at rapid speed. As Node runs JavaScript using the V8 engine developed by Google for optimizing performance of Chrome web browser, it makes the server-side runtime environment compile and execute Javascript in a fraction of second.

The fundamental characteristic of Node.js is reflected in the fact that it is able to facilitate real-time communications with large number of users (clients) by pushing data continuously from servers and these push communications operate in a scalable way. Since JavaScript is a language well known by millions of developers most of the individuals with basic knowledge of programming don’t find much difficulty to learn Node.js. However, in Nepal, the aspiring developers who want to learn Node.js are unable to find the experienced and qualified Node.js developers. There are very few expert instructors of Node.js in Nepal and this provides a very good opportunity for the trainees wishing to learn Node.js as there is an exciting career opportunity with its skills.


The scope and benefits of learning Node.js are unlimited and its learners are the ones who are wanted by the top companies to develop powerful applications able to handle real time client-server communications. Developers with sound Node.js knowledge and expertise have wide range of career opportunities with equal earning possibilities. To summarize, Node.js developers don’t have to look back once they are well trained and well experienced.


Benefits of Node.js Training in Nepal

The students who want to learn Node.js should firstly understand that it is a fully-functional programming language that is capable of performing anything that other languages such a C++,Ruby or Java do. Node.js surpasses many other languages when it comes to developing web applications that are real fast and capable of two-way communications where both the client and server can initiate free exchange of data. The important benefits and scopes of Node.js training are:

  • Node.js developers can develop powerful web applications capable of serving large number of users at the real time.
  • Node.js developers are approached by companies that develop advanced applications and are offered good amount for the projects.
  • The programming skills of developers are taken to higher level by Node.js especially in developing data-intensive real-time applications such as social networking sites, gaming applications.
  • In Nepal, Node.js developers have great opportunity to develop applications for government institutions (by getting employment in government-focused software companies or getting project outsourced from them) as they require applications with capability of real time handling of thousands of users.
  • The trainees can be employed by IT training institutes as instructors to other aspiring Node.js developers after the successful completion of course, project works and work experience.

Benefits of Node.js Training in Broadway Infosys 

  • Highly qualified and experienced Node.js instructors
  • Availability of sufficient training resources
  • Several Node.js developers trained at Broadway are having an excellent career
  • Regular interaction among community of Node.js developers

Node.js Training in Nepal - Outlines
  • Course Outline:

    •     Introduction to nodejs
    •     Node package manager (npm)
    •     Asynchronous and event loop in node js
    •     Events and handling Events
    •     Node CLI
    •     Node modules
    •     File handling with node js
    •     Creating http server with nodejs
    •     Introduction to websockets
    •     Create realtime socket communication

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