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Javascript & Jquery Training in Nepal

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Duration: 3 Weeks
Career: JS Developer
Training Mode: Both, Physical & Live Online Classes
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Javascript and Jquery Training in Nepal

Broadway is a leading IT training institute which provides quality IT training and services. Javascript and Jquery training in Nepal is also the course which is offered as a fully career-oriented training program. Broadway considers the need for this training for any developer working on any platform (PHP, Net, Java and so on) to develop websites adopting modern web development concepts. This course mainly focuses on using Javascript and Jquery as an instrument for web development among aspiring developers who are looking up to new web developing trends. Thus, Broadway is committed to providing excellent training on Javascript and Jquery in Nepal under the supervision of highly qualified instructor.


Benefits of Javascript and Jquery Training

The need for Javascript and Jquery training is in the constant state of uprising as it involves following benefits.

  • Enables to capture a wide range of uses.
  • Learn to translate Javascript into other programming languages.
  • Enables to develop Javascript based web application.
  • Help to run the business at a steady pace.
  • Door to an abundance of job opportunities.
  • Adds an essential skill to your portfolio.
  • Unlimited career scope to pick from.
  • Helps to earn money while doing freelancing.

Javascript and Jquery training is a necessity for any web developer and programmers as they are used by many giant tech companies to establish and fulfill their need for security services. The candidates that pursue this training achieve brilliance in their web development career as Broadway offers them with every ounce of knowledge leaving no stones unturned.

Benefits of Javascript and Jquery Training at Broadway Infosys

Candidates can enjoy the following advantage when they are trained under Broadway.

  • Resourceful training lab
  • Highly professional and experienced Java experts as instructor.   
  • Affordable training cost.
  • Provides scholarship to needy and deserving students.
  • Internship and job placement opportunities.
  • Practical exercises are programmed under the supervision of IT experts.
  • Online tutorials are offered to interested students.

Javascript & Jquery Training in Nepal - Outlines
    Courses Outline :- JavaScript And JQuery.
  • JavaScript

    • Basics of Javascript
    • Variables And Data Types
    • Scope and Functions
    • Operators And Conditionals
    • Objects and Arrays
    • Iteration In Javascript
    • Closure
    • JavaScript Built In Objects


  • Document Object Model

    • Introduction to DOM
    • HTML DOM Elements
    • Events
    • DOM navigation and changes
    • Window Object
    • Window Location Navigation and history
  • Overview of ES6

    •  Assignment with Let and Const
    •  Control with Block Scoping
    •  Template Literals
    •  Destructuring
    •  Importing/Exporting Modules
    •  Map/Set/ Filter
    •  Promises
    •  Arrow Functions
    •  Classes
  • JQuery Architecture

    • Introduction to JQuery
    • Difference between JQuery and Javascript
    • Traversing In JQuery
    • JQuery Effects and Animations
    • Manipulating DOM
    • Handling Events (Mouse and Keyboard)
  • JSON

    • Introduction to JSON
    • Working with JSON
    • JSON Stringify and JSON parse
  • AJAX And JQuery

    • Introduction to Ajax fundamentals
    • Using AJAX to fetch and save data through API
  • Project

    Develop a FrontEnd Application using JQuery with higher user interaction and Ajax to fetch data and store data to server API.

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