Broadway Infosys Nepal is one of the best inclusive computer training institutes in Kathmandu, Nepal. Established in 2008, our professional IT Training and Development center has been employing experts in this field to impart professional education to trainees. We offer well-structured complete professional training in various Programming Languages, Graphics & Multimedia, Web Designing as well as Development Training that is based upon the current recruitment needs in the IT market.

To summarize, Broadway Infosys is a complete learning institute that not only provides training on various IT courses but also prepares students to smartly handle the real working environment. We are dedicated and committed towards:

  • Providing quality IT training to the aspiring IT professionals
  • Availability of highly qualified and experienced instructors
  • Assigning project works as per the nature of the courses
  • Conducting regular project work evaluation sessions
  • Identifying trainees' skills and knowledge gaps
  • Taking corrective actions to enhance trainees' skills
  • Providing internship and job placement facilities to the trainees
  • Building long-term trustful relationship with the trainees

Since establishment, we have successfully established and maintained network with more than fifty IT and other companies which has made us able to offer and provide our students with internship and job opportunities.


"To empower the nation through generation of computer literates and competent IT professionals who could serve as valuable resource and responsible innovative citizens."


"Broadway Infosys Nepal's team is and will be dedicated to develop and impart quality IT training and service to all; achieving excellence in creative, innovative and up to-date teaching-learning, facilitating effective interactions among faculty, management and students and acting as a contributing institution for the employees, society and all stakeholders."


Broadway Infosys believes in fundamental values that are aimed at serving our valuable stakeholders with quality services. We have developed following set of core values that is directed towards our vision:


  • We attract and train the great minds
  • Our trainees are our greatest focus
  • We treat each other with respect and dignity
  • We are always committed towards producing satisfied trainees
  • Build long-term relationship with all the trainees, instructors and other stakeholders


  • Maintain the highest ethical standards with trainees, instructors, communities and all other stakeholders
  • Be accountable to our services and ethical practices
  • We always encourage honest feedback and suggestions regarding our services


  • We are determined to serve the stakeholders on what matters the most
  • We have a consistent desire to improve the quality of training and win the market
  • We promote transparency in our services


  • We have a well-defined vision that is effectively communicated to our trainees, instructors and all the stakeholders
  • We don't hesitate to take risks and lead from the front in pressing situations
  • We believe in producing leaders rather than followers
  • We believe IT skills coupled with leadership qualities produce an unbeatable IT professional

Social Responsibility:

  • We believe sense of social responsibility adds value to any business
  • We are proactive in helping the society during crisis situations
  • We make sure our trainees also become a socially responsible individual


Our core objective is to train people who are keen to start professional IT career and learn job related skills in order to turn them into effective and efficient IT professionals who will then be using computing technology to develop effective information systems for solving real life problems in diverse organizational environments.

Therefore, we are committed and dedicated towards achieving the following objectives:

  • To impart value-based IT knowledge and skills
  • To create employment in IT sector
  • To bridge the gap between skilled manpower and aspiring IT companies
  • To act as a platform for grooming one's IT skill
  • To promote startup culture in Nepal

Why Broadway Infosys?

While we are celebrating nine glorious years of success at Broadway Infosys here are as many reasons why you should come to this wonderland that will change yourself for the rest of your lives

  • We put more emphasis in providing effective career counselling understanding the training needs of the aspiring IT individuals.
  • We have a pool of qualified and experienced instructors who bring the remarkable blend of knowledge and experience to the delight of every trainee. A Broadway trainer always means a smart, outspoken, innovative and a passionate team player with years of experience working with local and global IT community.
  • We offer time, skill and competency based courses for the trainees with specific areas of interest and proficiency and design the training curriculum as per your demand and necessity.
  • We have course wise training materials so that trainees get the required resources as per particular training curriculum.
  • Our infrastructure consist of well-equipped computer labs, comfortable seating arrangements and other necessary etiquettes constituting a full-fledged training institute.
  • We offer regular, fast track and weekend courses along with live online/virtual training and accommodation service with hostel facilityunderstanding our trainees’ requirements.
  • We serve as an exciting platform to meet and network with the experts, innovators, employers and the business players who closely work with you to explore and experiment the emerging talents that are groomed here at Broadway.

         So, come as a stranger, learn in a team and leave with a network.

  • We facilitate hands on learning experience with encouragement for interactive classes, project development and guidance along with required soft skill learning.
  • We have established a regular interactive training evaluation culture in our institute by encouraging the trainees to honestly present their feedback, suggestions and healthy criticisms to any training curriculum, resources and environment.
  • We ensure 100 % guarantee of internship and job placement for outstanding learners at Broadway Infosys and other organizations within our network.
  • We build long term trust based relationship with our trainees.

Benefits of Job-oriented IT training at Broadway Infosys.

To summarize the key reasons to join Broadway Infosys here are the 10 benefits of Job-oriented IT training in Nepal that pave the "highway" for the trainees to reach the career destination the way Broadway does:

  • Learning and Earning
  • Getting enhanced competitiveness of IT professionals
  • Learning smart work rather than hard work
  • Regular feedback and improvement inputs
  • Learning Courses designed as per the job market needs
  • Understanding that you don’t need to be a “techie” to learn software skills
  • Learning only what is important
  • Networking with the industry professionals and experts
  • Becoming the “most wanted talent” IT companies seek
  • Enhancing your soft skills polishing yourself to be ready to work.

Broadway infosys Quality Training Approach

At Broadway Infosys, we work understanding the very concept of “training”,i.e bringing a person to an agreed standard of proficiency by practice and instruction.

  • We first ensure and then access.
  • We thrive to identify proper training needs of trainees.
  • We carry out continuous resources assessment, competences' assessment and IT market analysis.
  • We implement practical project based learning approach by continuously updating training courses.
  • We believe in providing supportive teaching- learning materials/resources.
  • We practice effective communication between faculty, students and management.
  • We carry out continuous training evaluation at regular intervals and pay sincere attention to the feedback, both positive and negative.
  • We believe in maintaining cooperative learning environment with discipline and Broadway corporate values.
  •  We insist in continuous interactivity throughout training sessions.
  •  We focus on trainees’ overall performance adopting vocational training approach
  • We are committed to prepare trainees in technical as well as personality and behavioral dimensions
  • We specially focus on the overall performance

Broadway Infosys Events:

Some of our's events.

We organize

regular workshops, brainstorming sessions, focus group discussions, guest lectures and talk programs with the industry experts, professionals, critics, media, private business houses and government officials to identify and analyze the existing problems and opportunities in IT sector

We participate

in events and exhibitions like CAN Infotech, CAN Comtech in order to introduce our services and at the same time create IT awareness satisfying queries of interested students in their desired courses and client’s interest in development services.

We collaborate

with IT and Engineering colleges and universities by sponsoring in different technology related programs encouraging the students to exhibit their creativeness and knowledge and accumulate self-confidence in the same. To take an instance sponsorship in LITE exhibition organized by Kantipur Engineering College.

We cooperate

with different colleges, universities and corporate organizations by facilitating training instructors in their respective premises to provide training to the interested students in the place itself. Recent examples could be IT training in “Himalayan White House College”,

We encourage

IT creative individuals to demonstrate their project to the IT sector professional and act as a bridge to enable way for the fresh IT graduates to meet their prospective employers by organizing interview sessions in consented premises.


we organize various social events like cleaning campaign, scholarship distribution, free IT training to financially incapable students, top students relief tour to the villages struggling from natural disaster and so on.