See What Our Students Say

All of our students have had something to say after their courses were completed! Students also provide feedback which is duly appreciated!

Mr. Muskan Bastakoti

Digital Marketing 360°

12 Jun, 2024

I feel incredibly positive about both my teacher and Broadway Infosys. The Digital Marketing 360 course was comprehensive and well-structured, providi more…

Mr. Mandip Singh Karki

Digital Marketing 360°

11 Jun, 2024

Teachers provide with quick feedback, evaluate their methods, and make us understand what we studied. Therefore Broadway Infosys is absolutely the bes more…

Mr. ⁨Hari Krishna Shah

MERN Stack Development Training

10 Jun, 2024

I had the pleasure of studying the MERN Stack at Broadway Infosys, and I must say, the teaching style was exceptional. Each module was meticulously co more…

Ms. Smriti Kunwar

Flutter Framework Training

09 Jun, 2024

Broadway Infosys is an excellent place for learning, studying and training. It provides students with the best teachers and the best place to gro more…

Ms. Abita Karki

Advanced Excel

06 Jun, 2024

First and foremost, I would like to extend my appreciation to our Excel Teacher. His expertise and passion for Excel were evident in every session, an more…

Ms. Sadikshya Lamsal

Advanced Excel

05 Jun, 2024

Talking about our Instructor, he is a very profound teacher and he never felt a burden to teach students. I must say that his patience level is excell more…

Mr. Pujan Gurung

CCNA Training

04 Jun, 2024

Ever since I joined Broadway Infosys, everyone has been so nice to me. The environment is very healthy and friendly. Every day has been so fun to stud more…

Mr. Aashish Rai

Java Training Package

03 Jun, 2024

It was a great experience to learn Java from a such great teacher. He is very talented and thanks to Broadway Infosys team for providing such a cooper more…

Ms. Dilasha Shrestha

UI UX Design Training

02 Jun, 2024

My teacher was very friendly and taught me very well. He made sure the students learned whatever he taught. And as someone with no computer or designi more…

Mr. Pramod Timilsina

Flutter Framework Training

30 May, 2024

I want to express my sincere gratitude to my instructor and the team at Broadway Infosys. Their dedication and expertise have been instrumental in my more…

Mr. Rudip Raut

Digital Marketing 360°

29 May, 2024

Taking the digital marketing course at Broadway Infosys was one of the best choices I've ever made for my profession. The teachers were subject ma more…

Mr. Paras Chand

MERN Stack Development Training

28 May, 2024

Our MERN Stack Instructor is an extremely talented teacher. He covered more than enough content, taught us highly industry-standard coding techniques, more…

Ms. Bimisha Shrestha

Graphic Design Training

27 May, 2024

Broadway has given me the best experience any student could ever want. Talking about My instructor, he has a unique way of explaining his methods of s more…

Ms. Rakisa Maharjan

Accounting Training

24 May, 2024

My teacher, the accounting trainer at Broadway Infosys was supportive and motivating. He provided us in in-depth knowledge very well which was mo more…

Mr. Prakash Dewan

Digital Marketing 360°

23 May, 2024

I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the invaluable experience I gained during the Digital Marketing course. Under your guidance, I g more…

Mr. Sagar Silwal

Data Science & ML with Python

22 May, 2024

I want to thank my Instructors for their outstanding teaching. Their ability to simplify complex topics has been invaluable. I also appreciate th more…

Mr. Anish Thapa

Python with Artificial Intelligence (AI) Training

21 May, 2024

The instructor was very nice and humble while teaching and he never felt bored while teaching the same topics again and again. Feels great to have an more…

Mr. Bishnu Prasad Sharma

Advanced Excel

19 May, 2024

For My Teacher, Thank you for your expert guidance in Advanced Excel! Your clear explanations and hands-on approach made complex concepts understandab more…

Mr. Pratik Kumar Labh

Java Training Package

17 May, 2024

The environment has been friendly. The employees are polite and helpful. They have always solved or cleared my doubts. The instructor has helped more…

Ms. Jeshika Baniya

QA Training

16 May, 2024

The teachers here are very calm and eager to solve any queries we raise. They are helpful and after every session, the Instructor would ask each more…

Mr. Krishna Prasad Pandey

Java Training Package

15 May, 2024

I believe I got one of the best instructors after enrolling in Broadway Infosys who is always ready to solve our problems. Overall the management team more…

Mr. Jenith Rajlawat

Java Framework Training

14 May, 2024

At Broadway Infosys, under the expert guidance of the Instructor, complex concepts related to Java and its frameworks were made more understandable an more…

Mr. Roshan Kunwar

Graphic Design Training

12 May, 2024

I feel extremely satisfied with both my teacher and Broadway Infosys. The teacher's punctuality and performance were outstanding, providing a cond more…

Ms. Sweta Dahal

QA Training

10 May, 2024

Studying Quality Assurance at Broadway Infosys was an amazing experience. Our teacher was incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about the subject. H more…

Ms. Kriti Neupane

Accounting Training

09 May, 2024

Taking an Accounting course was one of the best decisions I made for my professional development. The instructors were fantastic at explaining account more…

Ms. Kumari Chandrika Singh

Accounting Training

08 May, 2024

I had the privilege of learning from my accounting instructor recently and I have to say that it was an amazing experience. The instructor h more…

Ms. Rojina Khatri

UI UX Design Training

07 May, 2024

Broadway's UX design training was top-notch, largely thanks to our incredible teacher. Their commitment to our learning journey made all the diffe more…

Ms. Namrata Bhattarai

Python & Django Training

06 May, 2024

I recently completed a Python course at Broadway Infosys. My experience was incredibly positive. The instructor's teaching style was engaging more…

Ms. Aarati Bhatt

QA Training

05 May, 2024

"During my 2.5-month QA training at Broadway Infosys, I experienced the epitome of excellence. The institute provided an unparalleled learning en more…

Mr. Aayush Sapkota

MERN Stack Development Training

03 May, 2024

Studying at Broadway Infosys was an awesome experience, especially with the excellent administration that was helpful throughout. I studied MERN with more…

Mr. Sujan Shrestha

MERN Stack Development Training

02 May, 2024

It was an incredible experience! The instructor was knowledgeable, patient, and made learning the MERN stack a breeze. The hands-on projects and pract more…

Mr. Bibek Lama

Graphic Design Training

30 Apr, 2024

Studying Graphic Design at Broadway Infosys was an illuminating journey. The instructors' dedication to excellence and their profound understandin more…