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Vacancy - Assistant HR / Accounts

Sep 10, 2021 Shriganesh Marg, Subidhanagar, Tinkune, Kathmandu, Nepal

Other Vacancies

Broadway believes in equal employment opportunity for the deserving candidates. If you are a qualified individual and have relevant skills to take the responsibility of an instructor, management staffs, technical personnel or any position please feel free to send us your resume along with an application. We regularly post vacancy announcements on behalf of different IT companies to provide a wider range of opportunities to the IT professionals. As one of the core benefits of joining Broadway Infosys Nepal is internship and job placement opportunities in various companies including Broadway itself, we make sure the deserving students have options to apply for a relevant position as per their academic background, skills, and interest. We encourage fresh graduates, students, and experienced professionals to apply for related jobs in different companies in our professional network. Further, we also conduct regular career orientation sessions to help our students gather essential knowledge on available job opportunities in the market.""""""""""""""""""