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The training at Broadway Infosys Nepal is always a wise investment decision for aspiring IT professionals seeking successful career in global technology industry. The adequate training resources, qualified and experienced instructors, friendly learning environment and exciting post-training opportunities have uniquely positioned Broadway in Nepalese IT training industry.

We offer a wide range of IT training courses that have been designed as per the latest technological trends and recruitment needs of the global competitive job market.We provide extensive training on web development, software development, programming along with hardware, and networking addressing the existing and potential market needs of IT industry.

Our web, software and hardware development training is focused on acquainting trainees with modern practices of website development, web applications development, software development and hardware networking that are quality oriented and cost-effective. Our training sessions consist of:

Our training sessions consist of:


Addressing the needs of trainees, individual training classes are also organized where the trainee can study alone with the course instructor at agreeable training fees. Usually, this training session characterizes fast track courses where trainee need to complete courses before the exact duration.


We offer regular training sessions with maximum 10 students in a group as per the interested course making it easy and convenient for the trainees and the trainer to study more effectively.


We also provide corporate training facility to the corporate organizations who require training to be provided in mass for the particular level of employees in any required course. The training can be both in-house and off-house. If required, we can also facilitate our instructors to the corporate premises for the training.

Modes of Training Delivery

i. Classroom/ On- location

At Broadway Infosys, you experience warm, friendly and supportive learning environment with well-managed infrastructure and technology suiting your training needs. The Broadway team is always committed to provide utmost satisfaction to the trainees while providing classroom, on-location training within Broadway premises. When needed, we have enough halls and labs to facilitate the trainees to utilize their leisure time in practicing.

All the labs and halls are well-facilitated with high speed dedicated internet access with uninterrupted 24 hour power supply.

ii. Live Virtual /Online

With our Live Online training courses, we have been able to provide similar learning experience as our on location classroom based courses. With growing demand, use and objective to meet the requirements of our out of valley and international students, we decided to initiate live online training and have been successfully providing the service since four years. With the inception of Broadway Infosys USA in United States of America, our online training trend has increased with greater extent. With live online courses, you directly learn from and interact with a live expert instructor from your convenient location and can get to involve in discussions, practice, assignments and get to know your progress throughout the course.

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