Features of Online Classes and Sessions by Broadway Infosys

Online Classes and Sessions by Broadway Infosys is not anything new to regular attendees. Well, not really. There are many individuals who are aware of such classes and sessions by us. In this article, we will discuss about the features of such events.

Having one or more platforms to provide effective online knowledge is a dream for any institute. Broadway is not different. With an aim to grant the same level of efficiency like in physical class, we have left no stone unturned.

How Does Broadway Infosys Conduct Online Classes and Sessions?

With the IT market ever so demanding, even in recent situation, Broadway has come up with excellent ideas. This is thanks to our expert instructors as well as tireless effort of the core team.

As is clear from before, Broadway has tried to maintain the level that we do in physical class. And it is with delight that we can say all the participants of Online Classes and Sessions are extremely happy.

Online classes on one side, let us talk about Free Sessions that we are providing currently. The free sessions are already scheduled to be in the form of a series. We have already concluded various free sessions. Python Programming, Digital Marketing, WordPress are a few to name from a bundle of sessions.

Online Classes and Sessions by Broadway Infosys

Image: Screenshot of No Cost Python Programming Session hosted by Broadway Infosys

Also, alongside no cost session as is visible in the above image, we are also carrying our out traditional online classes. Online classes are not only limited to Nepal, we are also providing such class to any interested candidate from all over the globe.

What Does Broadway Use for Such Classes?

Honestly, we use Microsoft Teams for online class while Google Meet is the preferred choice for free sessions.

Both these software are well-known for being the best. Not only for class, but for conferences and meetings as well. With these two software, Broadway is imparting high level of knowledge to all candidates who are taking the class or session.

Having technology with us has had a massive impact on Broadway’s events reaching a larger audience. Well, simply organizing any event is not a success. It is the way such events go on that makes a lasting impression.

Consequently, the team of Broadway researched and found the aforementioned software which, for the long run, seem to be the best choices!

Will Broadway Keep Delivering Such Quality?

Broadway has made quality service its main objective. The service also includes classes and sessions to interested candidates.

With 13 years of experience of having physical classes and almost the same level of experience in online classes, you can expect us to get even better in the future!

Likewise, first and foremost thanks goes to our instructors who have delivered the best quality, both in physical and online classes as well as Free Sessions!

Finally, Broadway promises to keep up the standard that it has been providing in terms of its services!

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