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Practical Knowledge via Online Classes is something of a speculation among all. Many believe that it is not possible whereas others believe it is.

In the recent times, online classes have been dominating the world. However, is it really that effective? Well, the answer is a simple word: Yes!

Online Classes and its Features

Before jumping to the practical knowledge, let us discuss about online classes.

As is present earlier, the world, because of dire situation, is depending on online mediums. The mediums include work-from-home, online payment, online classes, and more.

Online classes allow people to communicate virtually. Yes, it is not the same as live face-to-face interaction. However, it is very effective!

The main feature of online class is its portability. One can attend online classes from anywhere, if they have a good internet connection.

Theoretical Knowledge via Online Class

This is a question that not many ask. However, it should clear that theoretical knowledge is easy to gain from online classes.

With all the attendees having proper access to their respective speaker, listening is not an issue. Likewise, if any participant wants to talk, it is easily available too!

Let us say that there are no barricades when it comes to gaining theoretical knowledge from online classes. There are instances where understanding is easier from online rather than onsite classes.

One of the leading examples of online classes comes from Google Meet. Attendees accept that man classes are easier to understand this way.

Well, if that is not an enough example of theoretical knowledge being efficient, then what can be?

Practical Knowledge via Online Classes

This is the main doubt among attendees of online classes: is practical knowledge gainable?

The answer is a mixture of both. There are many who say it is while others say it is not.

We have a simple solution though: focus on the matter-at-hand!

If there are classes that require practical and is possible form online basis, then opt for it. If it is not possible, then it is better to provide the attendees with theoretical knowledge for the time being.

Many will think that this is not the right way to take class. However, we do have an alternative to this issue available as well!

Screen Sharing is Your Best Friend

Yes, screen sharing allows you to share what you are currently viewing your screen! Handy, right?

With this facility at hand, you can ensure that your students get what they need. For example, idea on programming!

If you want your students to get the gist, then share your screen with them. This allows them to see what they are reading on theory and also see it in practical.

Having this facility can also be a negative. There are examples where people have their webcams on or are visiting some sites which they accidentally share. Well, you do not want your students to see something else, do you?

Being careful and sharing what is the demand is the best way to take practical class on online terms.

Save the Best for Last

Practical class is one students look forward to the most. In this case, it is highly appreciable if you could finish your theory class and then go for practical.

What is does is that the students will wait, patiently, for practical to start. Once theory is over, they will not leave the online class.

Likewise, it saves your time too! How? Well, you can teach everyone about practical at once, right? Is it not better than going to students one by one and teaching them?

Online Class in Nepal?

Yes, online class have taken over in Nepal too. Well, it is not something surprising, is it?

The online classes in Nepal is the source of knowledge for students, all students.

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