Why Excel is One of the Best Tools for Businesses in Nepal

Only opening a business is not enough. One needs to be committed and spend a lot of their time focussing on their business. However, performing this activity constantly may be quite hard. As a result, people elect to use tools that will make their task(s) easier.

Talking about the tools that make work easier, MS Excel is mostly at the top, even in Nepal. The reasons? They are coming later in this very article.

Before jumping to the reasons and how businesses can make a good us of Excel, let us know a bit more about Excel itself.

What Is Excel?

Anyone in this modern world knows that Excel is a product produced by Microsoft. With all the programmers and employees in Microsoft, it is not a shock to see Microsoft producing such an advanced product with such simple design.

Presented as a simple intersection of multiple rows and columns, Excel is as simple to use as it is to pronounce its’ name. The workspace that the user has the access to may look somewhat small. However, each and every cell is capable of hosting almost as much data as the user requires. Pretty neat, right?

There are questions regarding how to use all the cells and rows and columns available in Excel. The truth is, mostly, we do not need to use all of them. Just a part of the entire workspace is more than enough for small to medium size businesses.

Also, it is important to point out that only 3 sheets are available on display. One can add as much sheets as they want. Hence, it is very safe to say that Excel is a perfect tool for businesses, even large ones. Maybe this is the reason why Microsoft developed the product in the first place, keeping the large businesses in mind.

Excel For Businesses In Nepal?

Yes, Excel is very much useful for businesses in Nepal. Being a country that wants to make a name for itself in business field, Nepal is bound to follow the trends of bigger businesses and elect Excel for easiness in work. However, it needs to be known that without proper knowledge of the tool, Excel may cause minor to major issues to the users.

Now, as mentioned earlier, here are the reasons why Excel is one of the best tools for businesses in Nepal:

  1. Easy Offline Data Storage
  2. In-built Formulas
  3. Charts and Diagrams
  4. Less Time Consuming
  5. Data Validation

Easy Data Storage

All types of business need data to work on. In this modern world, there is not a single business which does not use data. In terms of data storage, in online terms, Excel is the most prevalent. Having a tool like Excel present while storing data signifies the importance of a tool like Excel.

There are businesses that conduct field-visits and data-gathering as well. While visiting remote areas with no internet access one can record and store data in a portable device, like a laptop.

In-built Formulas

Every individual in the world loves automation. Well, why won’t they? Giving a task to a computer and taking rest is a dream of almost everyone.

Moving to the in-built formulas, Excel has a whole host of them available. You just need to enter some data and the functions or formulas that are pre-installed in Excel will do their tasks as instructed.

For businesses in Nepal, it is better to use formulas so that they can calculate the salary of the staffs, how much cash to take off for budget and many more!

Charts and Diagrams

Businesses need to share their highs and lows with their staffs. This is also a trend in Nepal. Having diagrams and charts that show facts and figures make it possible to make the staffs understand what the company is trying to say.

Bar diagrams, pie charts, line diagrams, area chart and scatter chart are just a few of these charts and diagrams to name. How to calculate the data? You just need to enter the data and insert the chart that you want. Remaining process is totally autmatic.

Less Time Consuming

Businesses in Nepal give top priority to time-efficiency. For this case, Excel is the absolute tool to use. By using Excel, one can replicate, duplicate, copy, move data or create charts in the click of a button.

As simple as it sounds, saving a massive sheet of work is also very much easy in Excel. This ensures that businesses in Nepal need to, if not already, adapt using Excel.

Data Validation

If a business uses invalid data, it would be troublesome without a doubt. However, it is not the case when one is using Excel as a tool. The data that has been entered can be validated using the in-built formulas.

Well, as mentioned earlier, Excel may be a simple tool to view at first glance. However, as one gets to know the tool, it is filled with very much usable facilities. Try it!

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