Red Hat Training and its objectives.

Introduction of Red Hat Linux

Red Hat linux is the most successful and one of the highly used enterprise linux distribution in the market. The main benefit of it is opensource and kind of free of cost.Red Hat offers different level of certification programs.

What is Red Hat Training ?

Red Hat Certified Engineer or RHCE is the most respected Certification in the world,. which is under Linux Administration. A Red Hat Training aims to make you a, ‘Red Hat Certified Engineer’. RHCE is a Red Hat Certified System Administrator or RHCSA . RHCE is an IT professional certification which is currently being offered by Red Hat. Red Hat TrainingThis certification program has been created to impart specific knowledge related to various Red Hat products and for the development of skills on Linux.

Some of the most popular Red Hat Certification categories are Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA), Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) and Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA).Red Hat offers numerous professional certifications based on its software products. The numerous professional certifications include operating systems, virtualization, storage and cloud-based solutions.

The Red Hat Certification program is aimed for system administrators, engineers, architects, enterprise developers and application administrators, as well as cloud and virtualization administrators, who use RHEL in their IT infrastructures.

Red Hat through the Certification Program achieves Two benefits,

  1. Certification Revenue
  2. Supply of the Clients’ demands for experts.

Red Hat Certification is valuable

Obtaining the Red Hat Certified Engineer certification opens the door to a rewarding future in the IT industry.Red Hat gets Revenue, their product gets popular because lots of Engineers are experts on them through certifications. Red Hat Certified Engineer is the most respected Certification under Linux Administration in the World, and earning it will have many benefits. Some of which are below,

  1. Hands on practice on Live Servers is taken care during Course.
  2. Completely practical Examination, one can’t just read and go for exam, the practice and practical knowledge is highly required to earn this Certification.
  3. Global visibility directly from Red Hat as a Certifying Authority: This setting few may not know. When one earns a Certification, the authenticity can be verified from Red Hat Portal itself. Candidates can make them searchable on the portal and thus Human Resource can find out the candidates nearer to their locations.
  4. It’s sure that in the Global Linux Market, Red Hat tops, so all those clients who are using Red Hat Enterprise Linux will give preferences to Red Hat Certified Engineers only.

Requirements to Become a Red Hat Certified Engineer

Like all certification exams, there are some prerequisites for the RHCE certification exams too. They are below.

  • Real-world experience in Linux System Administration, or
  • RHCSA and RHCE Rapid Track Course RHCSA and RHCE exams respectively, or
  • Red Hat System Administrator I, II, III courses (I and II for RHCSA and I, II, and III for RHCE), and
  • Review the RHCSA and RHCE exam objectives.

What Exams You Must Pass to Become RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer) ? What is minimum score ?

In order to become a Red Hat Certified Engineer, you need to clear two examinations.You must pass :

  1. Red Hat Certified System Administrator ( RHCSA )
  2. Red Hat Certified Engineer ( RHCE )

The course is divided into three parts :

  1. SA1
  2. SA2
  3. SA3

SA1 + SA2 = RHCSA and SA3 is RHCE. The exam time for RHCE is 3.5 hours and RHCSA is 2.5 hours with total marks 300. You need to score minimum 210 in order to pass the exam.

Format of the Exam

The RHCE exam is fully practical. RHCE exam is not like other exams where you choose the right answer from the objective ones. You have 2.5 hours for RHCSA and 3.5 hours for RHCE . You should do all the tasks from the exam guide and reach the target practically. On the exam you will not have an access to the internet but you can use official Red Hat documentation and all internal resources.

Where You Can Pass the RHCE Exam

You can pass the exam in an authorized examination center of RHCE. To find a place for the exam, you can google. You can type “EX300 + YourCity”or get some guide like trainer or experienced friends.

How Much Does the RHCE Exam Cost

The exam cost is defined by REDHAT.

How To Renew Your RHCE Certification

You must pass an Expertise Exam or pass an actual version of the RHCE exam to renew your certification.

Scope of the RHCE exam

To pass the Red Hat Certified Engineer exam you must know all aspects from the RHCTS exam plus additional topics, specially configuration of the network services. All subjects you can find in the preparation materials or on the official website.

Average Pay for RHCE Holders

Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) is considered as one of the top paying certifications averaging an annual salary of $90,000.

The salary will vary according to their job role, the organizations, and experience. But, it’s always between $75,000 – $97,194. Experienced ones may earn more than this scale.

Designations for RHCE Professionals

The entry level job levels are Linux system administrator and systems engineer-IT. The mid-level and senior posts for RHCE certified professionals include senior systems engineer, senior systems administrator, and Sr. Unix system administrator.

Red Hat Training in Nepal

There are many official authorized training centers of Red Hat in Nepal. With Broadway Infosys being one of them. We are authorized training partner of RED HAT and known as the best RHCE and RHCSA training center in Nepal. Best Red Hat training in Nepal will train yourself in a best way. We are one of the finest institute for Red Hat training! We help coach for better job opportunities in future. The reality is that your proficiency does not depend on institute only but also depends on the learner and the trainer. At Broadway, we start slowly and repeat the same things again and again. As Red Hat is all about practical exam , we focus on these things seriously. We are always conscious that the learners are preparing for both job and certification. Most of the institutes in Nepal focus on topics that are for certificate only but in Broadway the difference is Job and Internships.

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