Why is Python a great programming language?

If you are a programmer, the first thing that comes to your mind when you say the word Python is not a snake but a programming language. The question of why python is a great programming language must also spring up into your minds. With developing programming techniques, it has also been known that Python programming language is slowly emerging as a new trend for software freaks. Why is python great? What are its features? Read on to find out.

  1. It is fun

Unlike other programming languages, it has the ease of focusing on the problem and implement it, without having to fuss with semantics. You can thus focus more on problem solving and logic than worrying about the logic of how things work.


  1. Faster

Manipulation and testing are quicker in Python than in other languages.


  1. Beginners got to love it

Python is simply great for beginners. Printing Hello World in Python is simply

Print “Hello World”

This ease of code makes it easy for beginners to focus on logic more than on semantic requirements.


  1. Indentation

The code in python is easier to understand. It looks cleaner and is much more accessible and available for understating than that of other languages. It is as close to a human language as it can get.


  1. Inclusion of batteries

The great standard library of python is yet another feature it possesses. Amazing stuff like creating a backup or downloading a source code can be done in this language.


  1. Documentation

This is yet another attractive feature of python. Just visit the docs if you are unable to figure out something.


  1. Inbuilt data structures

The inbuilt data structures in python are large. Stacks, queues, dictionaries, lists, you name it. Also, using a list of dictionaries, you can easily implement structures like graphs in python.


  1. Ease of debugging

As python is an interpreted language, debugging becomes extremely easier in it. Simply run your code in the python interpreter and poke around to debug,


  1. Flexibility

Python offers flexibility for problem-solving. It is typed dynamically and there are no hard rules to follow. It is also more forgiving to errors.


  1. Scope

Python is becoming increasingly popular and on demand, with the increasing importance of big data. It can certainly be said that Python has a scope in the near future and python skills are surely set to be magnetizing jobs in the near future.


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