What Is ASP.NET Core ? Introduction And Features Of .NET Core

What is ASP.NET core?

ASP.NET core is a high performance, cross-platform, open source framework which can be utilized to create modern, cloud-based, and internet connected applications. It’s easy to build IoT apps, mobile backends, and web apps with ASP.NET core. ASP. Net Core apps is suitable for .NET Core or on the full .NET Framework. ASP.NET core is architectured in such a way that it provides an optimized development framework for apps that are deployed to the cloud or run on-premises. ASP.NET consists of modular components with minimal overhead. It helps to retain flexibility while constructing solutions. Developers can develop, deploy, test, and run ASP. Net Core apps cross-platform on Windows, Mac and Linux. It is open source at GitHub. With ASP.NET core you can :

  • Build  IoT apps, mobile backends, and web app.
  • Develop, deploy, test and run ASP.NET Core apps on Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • Deploy to the cloud
  • Run on .NET core or .NET Framework

ASP.NET Core can be used for building modern cloud-based web applications and web APIs using MVC (Model-View-COntroller) approach. ASP.NET core is based on .NET Core runtime. ASP.NET core can also run on the full .NET framework for maximum compatibility.


ASP.NET Core is the latest framework which is developed from scratch parallel with .NET 4.6 framework with some architectural changes. The changes made on this framework make it much lightweight, leaner, highly testable and much more modular framework.

Below are some recent changes :

  • It has the ability to use the web server irrelevant to IIS.
  • It has the ability to use unification between API, MVC, and Web Pages.
  • It is the cross-platform framework.

Is .NET Framework and .NET Core the same thing?

.NET Core is the redesigned version of .NET Framework which is an updated version too. Developers prefer an upgrade to .NET Core to build a variety of applications by targeting multiple devices and platforms. The new features and enhancements included in .NET Core give more advantage to developers to build, test, and deploy the applications efficiently and rapidly.

.NET Framework 1.0 was released by Microsoft in 2002. As a proprietary software framework for Windows platform, .NET Framework is updated regularly to meet the emerging trends in software development. But Microsoft recently redesigned the core architecture of the .NET Framework and released .NET Core 1.0 in 2016, along with ASP.NET Core 1.0 and Entity Framework. It is designed to simplify development, testing, and deployment of modern software applications.

.NET Core is both open source and cross-platform which does not apply to .NET. It also comes with several new features which makes development simple and makes it easy to develop,deploy, and test desktop, web, cloud, and mobile applications.

Upgraded features of ASP.NET Core

Open Source:

 .NET Framework was released as a licensed and proprietary software framework while .NET Core is released as an open source software framework. Developers can build apps with .NET Core without paying any licensing fees either they are enterprise or individual.


.NET Framework is for a single platform application on Windows. But .NET Core is a cross-platform framework which supports three distinct operating systems — Windows, OS X, and Linux. It’s easy for developers to build cross-platform applications or move an existing applications from one platform to another.


 The .NET Framework needs to be installed as a single package but .NET Core is cross-platform. It needs to be packaged and installed independent of the underlying operating system.

Application Models:

 Windows Forms, ASP.NET, and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) are an application model of .NET framework while the application model of .NET Core are ASP.NET Core and Windows Universal Apps.


To develop web applications with .NET Framework, the developers have option to use ASP.NET. But, .NET Core has a redesigned version of ASP.NET. One can use ASP.NET Core to build both web and cloud applications.

Deployment Options: 

.NET Framework allows developers to deploy web applications only on Internet Information Server (IIS) . But the web applications developed with ASP.NET Core can be hosted directly in the cloud or self-host the application by creating their own hosting process.

Cloud Ready Configuration:

Unlike .Net, .NET Core is designed with features to simplify the development and deployment of the cloud-based application. Also, applications can be published directly to the cloud by availing the cloud-ready configuration which included in ASP.NET Core.

Mobile App Development:

 .NET Framework doesn’t have any framework or tools to simplify mobile app development. But, in .NET Core developers can write cross-platform mobile apps and can they also customize the mobile app for individual mobile platforms like iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


Unlike .NET Framework, .NET Core assists developers and give them a platform to build microservice oriented systems rapidly. .NET Core makes it easy for the programmers to develop custom microservices by using varying environments like different programming languages, technologies and frameworks. Also, the developers can create a robust system by merging multiple microservices seamlessly.

Performance and Scalability: 

.NET Core is more effective than .NET Framework if you compare it by the performance and scalability of applications.As it allows developers to build, test and deploy applications directly in the cloud, the developers can switch to .NET Core to enhance the performance and scalability of their applications without putting extra time and effort.


 .NET Core does not support all the features and functionalities of the latest version of .NET Framework. But, developers can still run the applications developed with .NET Framework even after an upgrade to .Net Core.

Why should I learn ASP.NET Core?

Being lightweight, cross platform, open source, and customizable, It has a very bright future. .NET Core is versatile too. As most of the big projects are built on .NET , .NET Core being the most updated and upgraded version of .NET, It can be said that there is a good future for .NET Core developers. Most of the developers have experienced the limitless features of .NET Core and it is it #1 choice when it comes to security with versatility.

Where to learn ASP.NET Core in Nepal ?

Broadway Infosys Nepal offers a full .NET Core course in Nepal which give students a deep understanding of .NET Core Framework and its functions. After the completion of ASP.NET Core course, students are proficient in handling ASP. NET Core’s exclusive features to develop enterprise web applications.

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