Few Reasons To Learn Computer Course At Broadway Infosys Nepal

Why should we learn Computer?

In the present situation, computer education can give you name, fame, money and the ability to impact the society. What else we need in a career? To make these facts more convincing, some of the points can be noted as:-

  • Computing and computer technology are part of our daily life. They exist in our travel, they exist in the movies we watch, and they exist in how businesses and governments interact with us.
  • Computer technology offers challenging and rewarding possibilities for a wide range of people, regardless of their interests.
  • Computer drives innovation in engineering, businesses, and the sciences.
  • Computing jobs come top of the highest paid and highest job satisfaction rate.
  • Survey reveals that there are more computing jobs for the people than the qualified people to fill them in the position.

So it’s interesting, innovative and adventurous. You will earn more and learn more with the right computer skill.

Why Computer Course at Broadway Infosys Nepal?

Broadway Infosys Nepal is one of the top computer training institutes in Kathmandu, Nepal. With an experience of 11 years in the field of IT Training, Broadway has emerged out as a renowned learning institute. Broadway is a pioneer of computer training and continues to lead since the starting period. Below we have covered some of the top reasons to choose Broadway Infosys Nepal as the next step to your career path.

11 Years of Experience

There are many reasons which lead to the higher achievement of a learner. Experience of the institute in the field of teaching is one of the big reason behind the success of a student. With 11 years of experience in the field of IT Training, Broadway Infosys Nepal proves itself as one of the top choices for the students.

Experienced Teachers

There is a saying, “Teachers do better when they gain experience. ” At Broadway, there are already more than 150 qualified and experienced teachers. Our experienced teachers are on average more effective in raising student achievement than other less experienced counterparts.

Wide Range of Courses

Whether you’re interested in programming courses, Networking related courses, Designing courses or you are interested in other career development courses in information technology, we offer a wealth of fantastic opportunities to help you achieve your future and career ambitions. The broad range of available courses means that you can choose the course which suits your needs and objectives.

Expert Support and Career Counseling

Broadway Infosys Nepal offers career counseling before you join the course. Students receive outstanding career counseling which includes information and advice. Career counseling enables you to make well-informed choices before you start learning at Broadway Infosys Nepal.

Our Career counseling team helps you to choose the course which is right for you that will help you complete your course successfully.

Well Furnished Classrooms / Physical and Psychological Environment Maintained

Broadway Infosys Nepal is decorated with well-furnished classrooms and big sized computer labs. Peaceful environment and comfortable seats make you relaxed and quiet.  We take care of psychological classroom environment as well as the physical one. At Broadway, instructors exhibit calm and rational behavior and help maintain a supportive environment which encourages student learning. Without proper psychological support, students risk learning anxiety, poor performance, and negative behavior.

Highest Quality Education

We are the best computer institute in Kathmandu, Nepal with an outstanding track record of exceptional student progress for our training courses. Our students consistently gain excellent results and have always achieved beyond their expectations. The quality of our teaching and supportive environment helps students to achieve beyond expectations. As a computer learner, you will be joining one of the very best computer institutes in the country.

Broadway makes it easy to achieve your ambitions

A computer institute is different from college or university education. Institute gives you detailed and deep knowledge while colleges need to follow the curriculum of their affiliated university. Broadway offers targeted course to students according to the recent demand in the market. After completion of training from Broadway Infosys Nepal, our students are more likely to secure a place in a free competition or job market.

Fee Scheme and Scholarships

Even being one of the top computer institutes in Nepal, our fee scheme is very affordable to the students. We also offer scholarship schemes for needy and financially weak students. Fee and scholarship schemes of Broadway Infosys Nepal also makes it a top choice of any individual student.

Job Placement and Internships

Students of Broadway Infosys Nepal are always treated by the Human Resource Department of the institute. Students can take benefit of the internship and job placement service offered by Broadway Infosys Nepal for own student group. Broadway Infosys Nepal has a solid network with hundreds of top IT companies in Nepal who are always eager to give a chance to the student of Broadway.

Broadway ensures that every trainee gets a chance to learn from the top players in local as well as global IT business and they become genuinely competitive before starting a tech career in their specific field of choice. Keep in mind that the internship programs arranged for the trainees are mostly paid which is a big bonus for students in addition to valuable knowledge, skills, and experience you get during the internship period.

You can visit our success gallery to get knowledge about student success in job placement and internships.

Our students say it best

We know that our approach to teaching and supporting students helps them to progress, thrive and achieve their potential. While it can be confirmed by many official reports, hearing our students talk, in their own words, about their experiences at Broadway, will give you a much greater insight into what it is like to learn with us. In most cases, students who complete their course in our institute refer their friends too because of their good experience at Broadway.

You can visit our testimonial section to know more about what students say about Broadway Infosys Nepal

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