Future of iOS App Development In Nepal

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A mobile app industry is a worldwide growing industry. In the past , digital marketing was fully focused on web but recently mobile devices has emerged out as a top target place for digital marketing.  However, it is interesting to see how iOS apps are leading the way to enhance these developments.Since the introduction of iPhone in 2008, there has been a powerful movement in iPhone design and development.

These days, there is an increasing demand for smartphones due to their overwhelming importance. Interestingly, the growing technology is yielding an increased employment rate for many skilled mobile developers. Many top app development companies are now looking to hire good app developers.

While there are several Operating Systems (OS) on the planet seeking to capture more customers, the implementation of iOS has led to a more remarkable impact in the modern digital world. Among these Operating Systems , Apple’s iOS is one of the most popular OS.

Future of iOS

In recent years , iPhone app development has risen as a biggest business ventures in the world. iPhone app development has emerged as one of the top business ventures, especially in the recent years. The scenario suggests that the iOS app development has a great scope and massive potential.

If you look by numbers, you  may see that Android apps are leading the number game, but when it comes to earning. iOS platform is the clear winner. The buying behavior on the iOS platform makes it more favorable for the developers as compared to other platforms. This is the main impulsion behind the popularity of iOS app development.

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Below are the main reasons Why iOS is all set to Be the Future of Mobile App Development.

1. Swift

It is very interesting to observe the Apple’s new programming language, ‘Swift’. It has just been introduced a year ago, but it is already heavily used and accepted by the developers all over the world. It is very confirmed that Swift is the future of iOS development.

2. High Quality Emulators

As compared to other operating systems, iOS emulators are definitely faster which offers great support too. This certainly makes the iOS emulators better, helping the developers in speeding up their app development process and in making it a whole lot easier.

3. Low Time Consumption

Developing an app on the Android requires longer codes and it also comes up with slower emulators.The process slows down the whole process of app development for the Android OS. On the other side, iOS app development is supported by Swift (which requires shorter codes) and faster emulators. The combination makes it less time consuming and easy.

4. Better Developer Support & Tools

The developer support and tools which is offered by Apple is superior as compared to Android and all the other operating systems.

5. Lesser Fragmentation

Since the number of versions and types of devices are limited in iOS app development, it makes app development relatively easier reducing the chances of unforeseen bugs in the app. This is completely different story in case of Android app Development as there are different versions and screen sizes available there. So bugs can be seen in Android apps, even in well written codes.

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6. Higher Revenue

The result of survey and research shows that iOS users are generally of a higher income group on an average. This means the developers and app development companies would definitely like to develop apps for iOS in place of Android.

Future of iOS Developers

Demand for iOS applications, and relatively iOS developers is increasing significantly with the increasing popularity of Apple products around the world. iOS is one of the most popular platforms in the world of smartphones. So, the iOS developers are being offered some great compensation packages, compared to other job profiles.

Currently there is a top demand for iOS developers. As the buyers of iOS devices are increasing day by day, the demand of iOS developer also increases. If you want to become an iOS developer and earn money, this is a great time for you.

Future of iOS Development in Nepal

There is a lot of scope for app development in Nepal. When you are asking for specially iOS, then we need to look at some facts first. iOS is the world’s most advanced software for mobile devices. The popularity of Apple products is ever-increasing. The new features are added every day according to the requirements of the users.In the same way, the apps on Apple products are also increasing to meet the demands of the users. Due to this, the Scope of the iOS application developer has captured a big image in the industry.

The number of mobile phone users in Nepal is 34% higher than the population.iOS in Nepal

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The percentage of mobile users in in Nepal use smartphone now a days. Many companies in Nepal target mobile users as their audience and hence they have started developing iOS and Android apps. Since popularity of iOS is increasing daily in Nepal, the demand of iOS app increases too.

Trends of iOS app development changes every year. Here are always new requirements and new opportunities for the mobile app developers to work on with every major update in iOS versions. This scenario describes the scope of iOS developer in Nepal. With each update on iOS versions, there are new jobs available for iOS develpers.

The average pay for an iOS Developer in international market is $39.91 per hour. While, an average pay for a good iOS developer in Nepal is 50k+. There is always a huge chance to get employed.A good developer can compete in both international and local market. In both cases , there is an opportunity of a sweet income and a good career.

Where can I learn iOS development in Nepal ?

Broadway has initiated career-oriented iOS Training in Nepal to produce qualified iOS developer, who can skillfully design iOS apps using provided resources. Broadway simply aims to exploit the uprising demand of iOS-based developers through iOS development training in Nepal.

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