Cyber Security Situation in Nepal

As a developing country, Nepal has seen a lot of improvements in the field of IT and its educational matters. The residents of Nepal are getting chances to use a lot of modern technologies. However, there are instances where people do not realize that they are being targeted, by means of Cyber Attacks.

Before jumping to the Cyber Security Situation in Nepal, it is necessary to know about Cyber Security itself.

Cyber Security is a subject of concern for may IT specialists in the modern world. It is generally known as the procedure that ensures that all the networks, devices and programs are safe. But from what? Answer: any type of Cyber Attack.

As mentioned earlier, in the modern world, where there are a lot of IT-based organizations. So, cyber attacks are getting more common. They are evolving danger to such organizations, the employees of the organizations and the consumers of the such organizations. The cyber attacks may be in the form of hacking. But can be designed to access and destroy sensitive data or illegally access the finance of the organization.

Is Cyber Security Really A Matter To Be Concerned About?

Yes, the matter of cyber security is a matter to be concerned about, and a lot at that. While the world is enjoying freedom in IT field, there are many examples where IT is failing. The security of people using IT is compromised in many places. Also, the sensitive data that the people share on the internet cannot be termed as safe. Why? Well, there are hackers just looking to seize the information. Then illegally manipulate the owners for either money or to get some job done.

The modern advances have definitely made lives of people easier. However, they have also made the live of other people a living mess. For example, people with good internet can easily register for anything via the internet. For others they need to go to cyber cafes that are not always safe.

This is just one example of why Cyber Scurity is a matter to be really concerned about.

Cyber Security Situation in Nepal

As mentioned earlier, Nepal is a developing country in almost all the fields that it is associated with. And Cyber Security is not an exception. There are many instances where Nepal has seen success in. IT field is a field where we cannot surely say that we are having success.

There are three areas where countries like Nepal have some improvement to do. They are:

  1. Poor Digital Access
  2. Institutional Instability
  3. Regime Instability

Poor Digital Access:

In cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara, it is evident that people are getting excellent digital services. However, this is still a matter to be concerned about in other parts. The ISPs may not be as safe as it is in the urban areas. Information shared on the internet is still not considered to be 100% safe in the whole country of Nepal.

Institutional Instability:

It is not a matter of surprise that Nepal is facing an issues in terms of institutaional instability. The laws for it keeps on changing from time to time. This does not allow for any institution to maintain a proper service to be provided. Also, the institutions that are looking for competition are not looking for a healthy competition. Rather, they would rather do any means possible to beat their competitors. Hence, usage of “Quantity Over Quality” rule is maintained resulting in compromisation of security.

Regime Instability:

Every nation needs a regime to last long to see the progress that it can bring. In Nepal, no regime lasts for long. Either in a hither or thither way, the regime is brought to an end. This impacts every field that the country wants to develop on with Cyber Security not being an exception.

Suppose a law comes that focusses on IT security. That law is removed from the other person in line. This is such a to-and-fro process that nobody even thinks about Cyber Security these days. Maybe this is the reason why the driving licenses of Nepalese are printed in India and the security of personal information is not being given an attention to.

Well, as we can see, this is how the situation of Nepal is currently in Cyber Security.

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