5 Significances of Artificial Intelligence in Nepal

Our modern world has seen a lot of developments. There are developments in each and every fields that we know about. Therefore, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not an exception.

In the context of Nepal, AI has been improving day by day. There are innovations almost every other day and newer technologies are taking over the market in the same way. No doubt, all these improvements definitely have some impacts.

Let us not forget all the significances that these improvments make as well. Here, in this article, we discuss about some significances of Artificial Intelligence in Nepal.

Why Artificial Intelligence Is So Important in Nepal?

It should come as no surprise that we are getting deeper and deeper into being dependent on Artificial Intelligence. The smartphones, the computers (laptops and desktops), all use Artificial Intelligence. Hence, it is safe to assume that everywhere that we go, AI will be present there.

In the context of Nepal, we have a lot of aspiring youngsters. Some of those youngsters are very curious about computers. They are getting addicted to their smartphones. Now, you may ask why is this topic related to AI. Well, using a smartphone with AI ensures that new features is known to everyone who use it.

As a result of being in constant exposure to AI of smartphones and computers, it is natural to think and be curious about how AI works. Hence, it can act like a motivator to learn more about AI.

In a country like Nepal, where people are thinking to become successful, AI plays very important roles. After all, people would like to be an expert in IT. Also, the scope of IT professionals in Nepal is very bright.

Significances of Artificial Intelligence in Nepal

Every task and study has some significances. Artificial Intelligence also has some significances in Nepal. Here are five major significances of Artificial Intelligence in Nepal:

  1. Online Transactions
  2. Education
  3. Robotics
  4. Transportation
  5. Agriculture

Online Transactions

In this world of AI dominance, Nepal has seen a lot of improvements in various fields. There are some companies that use online transactions to deal with their clients as well to provide their services. For example, we can take banks and financial institutions who use services like eSewa and Khalti.

These online services have AI integrated in them. This allows them to identify the customers via their ID which is often their e-mail address or phone number. In Nepal, these services are gaining a lot of momentum as well as attention.


Everyone needs to be educated. Education can be obtained in online as well as onsite basis. However, in this article, we are focusing on Artificial Intelligence.

In this regard, we can use robots who are capable of instructing people, according to the inputs in them. AI in educational sector assists in recognization of courses, what are the best subjects to be taken and taught and also to identify which student is selected to appear in examinations.


As mentioned earlier, robots can be used in educational field. However, there are many other fields that use robotics. In Nepal, we have seen robots in restaurants, banks and many other places as well. This ensures that AI has had some impact as well as can be used to facilitate customers as well.


Wouldn’t it be much better if the vehicle in which you are travelling knows the exact place to drop you? Well, this may be a far-fetched idea but it is possible.

In Nepal, there are buses like the “Mahanagar” that automatically speaks the name of the stop where you have reached. This allows passengers to know that they have reached their destination and need to get off rather than stay in the vehicle and shout “where have we reached?” at the top of their voice.


Nepal is an agricultural country and it has remained so since long ago. In order to embark on an AI-based field, agriculture is the perfect field in Nepal.

Having machines that have the knowledge to plant and harvest would be a boon to all the Nepalese in Nepal. Why only Nepal? We can use such AI in any agricultural country in the world.

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