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Learning in Nepal, well also the entire world, has been a hot topic since ancient times. After all, who does not want to learn? It is a process to expand your knowledge as well as gaining some experience, right?

In this article, we will have some discussion about how the learning process in Nepal is currently going on. Likewise, we will also discuss both Online and Classroom learning.

What is Online Learning?

In simple terms, online learning is learning via the internet. Online classes are mostly known as a one-way or two-way class. While both possibilities are present, in recent times, two-way i.e. live classes are occurring more.

With online learning, there are plus points for both parties: attendees as well as the instructor. The attendees get to learn by using something new. Likewise, the instructor can teach others how to get to know modern technologies.

There may be less physical interaction in online classes; however, such learning does help in boosting the confidence of the ones who are attending the class.

What is Classroom Learning?

In simple words, the traditional means of learning is Classroom Learning. By traditional means, we can understand a classroom, teacher(s), and a number of students. In this type of learning, there is more face to face interaction. Likewise, a group can also be created so that the creativity of the students also sees some improvement.

There is a limitation of classroom teaching and learning in Nepal. The main limitation is that the teacher can create somewhat of a monopoly and give too many tasks to the students which they have to complete with their hands. Whereas in online learning, students can simply research and type out their answers to tasks and questions.

Online Learning vs Classroom Learning

Both these learnings are concerned with the students getting knowledge and they becoming a professional.

While online learning in Nepal is currently picking up speed, classroom learning is bound to resume in the near future and will definitely be available for a long period of time. After all, it is a traditional education system and Nepalese do not get rid of their tradition easily.

Now, talking about learning and its types, it can be of various types.

In the previous decade or two, people used to take classes (classroom) in a field. This was the tradition that we Nepalese grew up with.

Whereas, in modern days, students can just sit and relax at home and take the class by the means of a computer or a mobile phone.

Which is Better: Online or Classroom Learning?

If looked at critically, classroom learning is better. The reason is that during online learning, students can block their teacher, ignore them, or even not attend the class by making any sort of excuse.

This, however, will definitely not be the case in terms of classroom learning. It is because the teacher can control the behavior of their students while in a class which is not possible in online learning.

A good teacher is good no matter where they take the class. However, a teacher is also a human who needs some support. If the support is not received, even the best online teacher taking online clas can have issues.

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