Which One Is The Best Cell Phone Tracking Application?

There are numerous cell phone tracking apps available in the market. The benefit of these apps is that they run in stealth mode. It means that users won’t know that they’re being tracked. You can gain the information you need without phone users changing any normal behaviors. This provides you the advantage that if suspicious activities occur, you’ll be aware of it.

FlexiSpy is considered as the best cell phone tracking application for mobiles, computers, and tablets. It’s compatible with BlackBerry, Mac, Windows, and Android. This tracking app offers its users with different features that would leave no mobile device activities unknown. It also offers customers with 2 options, which include Extreme Version and Premium Version. Premium version is FlexiSpy’s foundation and Extreme Version provides several advanced features that aren’t available in the Premium version.

Some of these features are:

  • Control phone remotely – From remote locations, you can make changes, restart the device, view the status of the device’s battery, and send SMS remotely.
  • Instant GPS location – See users’ GPS location on the map. You can track the location of the phone real time easily.
  • RemCam – Gain control of cell phone camera remotely to take photos. These would be uploaded to an online control panel that you can view.
  • Password cracker – Every password entered will be logged. You’ll also gain access to passwords to apps, emails, and social media.
  • Record surroundings – Record the surroundings of the phone to be uploaded to an online control panel or you can have an option to listen in while it’s occurring.
  • Record phone calls – Every phone call made from and to the cell phone can be recorded from remote locations. The recordings are uploaded to the control panel of FlexiSpy
  • Call intercept – It provides you the ability to listen to all live phone conversations without the phone’s user knowing.

FlexiSpy Extreme version enables you to be the ultimate spy. Every log will be uploaded to FlexiSpy’s online control panel. It’s where you can view them from any smartphone, tablet or computer.

Other features of FlexiSpy that you should know:

  • Read MMS and SMS messages
  • Read Emails
  • Spy on chats on instant messengers
  • Spy on image, audio, and video files
  • Spy on sites visited and bookmarks
  • Access installed programs, notes, calendar, contacts, and program activities
  • Alerted once SIM card was changed, particular contacts are called, and some predetermined factors you can set
  • Operates in stealth mode

Such features make FlexiSpy a good cell phone tracking app that you should not miss to try. There’s no activity left undetected and that’s what makes the software a great choice among the competitors. You should also note that before you can use or install the app of FlexiSpy, you have to root or jailbreak your device. The cost of FlexiSpy Premium for 1-year subscription is $149. The cost of Extreme version of FlexiSpy tracking app is $349.

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