Free SPSS Training by Broadway Infosys Receives Highly Positive Feedback!

SPSS Training in Nepal is gaining a lot of demand in the market! Alas, due to the demand of data analysis experts, this is not something new after all!

Keeping the demand of SPSS Course by a lot of people, Broadway Infosys recently concluded a No Cost SPSS Training in Nepal!

The number of attendees for the session far exceeded the expectations! Likewise, the involvement of the participants was a joy to behold!

Feedback from the Participants of Free SPSS Training

As is always the case, we have a lot of feedback from the participants of this very session as well!

One of the participants said:

It was quite informative. I liked the way it was presented in a simple language and it was easy to understand. I learned a lot about data analysis from SPSS software. Thank you for providing me with this.

Another participant had the following to say:

Instructions were very clear. Course covered all the features of SPSS required for data processing and data analysis. Thank you for the course.

Meanwhile, the other participant said:

Great experience, when I heard I need to use SPSS for my research work I was bit scared, after this session I am bit relieved and familiar to SPSS. Thank you Broadway Infosys.

It is feedback like these which motivates us to keep going for further sessions as well!

Future Plans for Another SPSS Session?

Broadway Infosys has been going on a series of No Cost Sessions like this very one. We are trying to meet the demand of the course and provide at least one session for every course.

Another SPSS session is definitely not out of the question. Do keep updated with our events page and social media, especially our Facebook.

Finally, to all the participants, thank you very much for your active participation as well as the feedback! We look forward to you taking part in another session!

If you are interested in full SPSS Course, please visit here. Also, you can Contact us using this link and send us an enquiry!