10 Reasons You Should Learn WordPress.

Why WordPress is the reason to use, learn for web development ?

WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP. It is no longer just for blogging purposes but also for website content management system (or CMS) in existence today. Whole web lovers` are looking WordPress due to following reasons as:

  1. WordPress is mature:

    WordPress started in 2003 that means it’s around more than 13 years old. Highly appreciated world-class web platform.

  2. WordPress is popular:

    According to https://wordpress.org/about/features/, WordPress powers more than 24% of the web that means 74.6 Million sites depend on WordPress. WordPress-Related Keywords Score more than 37 Million Searches Per Month that is 5 times as much as Joomla and 9 times more often than Drupal. It currently powers more than 23% of the top 10 million websites on the Internet.

  3. Multilingual:

    WordPress is available in more than 70 languages.

  4. Easy to learn:

    WordPress is easy for both technical and non-technical skilled person. The learning curve is simple but is different to be the best WordPress developer. In statistics, 58.7% of people use WordPress as cms where 6.5% in Joomla, 4.9% in Drupal, 2.9% in Magento and 26.9% in others. 50,000 new WordPress blogs are created per day.

  5. Best for SEO:

     WordPress is search engine friendly. Google EngineerMatt Cutts says, “WordPress solves high amount of SEO issues inside it”.

  6. Multiple Media Types Support:

    WordPress allows a wider range of content types than just text. One can post audio, video or any other type of media featured as built in support for different file types. It also supports YouTube, Twitter and other websites that allow us to embed content. WordPress have very rich text editor i.e WYSIWYG. It supports easy insertion of images, video, audio in blog post. One can insert any media files in its content within a single click.

  7. High Security:

    At first glance, the fact that WordPress is open source may seem to make it more vulnerable to hackers since they have access to the code. However, the reverse is accurate. The fact is that we have a large security team that is constantly working to make our website more secure. The result is that our blog is less vulnerable to hackers than it would be if we were using a proprietary CMS. WordPress is fully capable of standing against today’s ultra-advanced cyber-attacks. That’s because WordPress makers take the security very seriously and constantly update the software.

  8. Ecommerce is simple to do:

    E-commerce is simple to integrate in WordPress. It is free from using WooCommerce, a WordPress plugin along with Payment gateway integration and other utilities related for ecommerce system.

  9. Multi-site Feature:

    WordPress can be used for multi-site website from 2015. This is a kind of network site widely used. WordPress has multi-user capability with assigning different user roles.

  10. High number of community:

    WordPress has a fantastic community of blogger, forum writers, freelancers, wordpress support team and plenty more. According to https://central.wordcamp.org/about/, 648 WordCamps have been successfully organized in different 68 cities of 65 countries in 6 continents. Google search figure about 1,790,000,000 shows the highest number of community among all.

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