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Online classes in Nepal are now more popular than before! The facility to stay home and concentrate is something people definitely want. With this, the strategical minds of students will be broader. As a result, the production level is also in, at least, the average level.

Why are online classes popular now? Is it because of the recent pandemic? The answer is: Maybe.

We cannot exactly say why online classes were not popular in the past. There were instances where some educational institutions used them. However, most of them are IT Training or educational institutions. Not many schools or colleges seemed to be using this version of the education system.

Is the recent Pandemic the Cause of Upsurge of Online Classes in Nepal?

The answer to this question, as well, is the same as the previous one: Maybe.

Given the recent situation, there are many students who are not able to attend their regular schools. They are spending their time at home without any knowledge. However, nowadays, the situation is better. With all the facilities available online, there is not a single student who is deprived of their right to education.

Not only are school and college students benefitting from online classes, students who are enrolled in private learning institutions are also getting chances to raise their skill-set. This is all because the current situation has a hand in them taking such measures.

Were there Online Classes in Nepal beforehand?

Yes, there were online classes present in Nepal before this current situation. Mostly, IT Learning centers like Broadway Infosys Nepal were already providing online classes. Not only to people from Nepal, but they were also providing classes to people from abroad as well.

Let us be honest and clear here. Online classes would definitely have gotten popular no matter the situation. The current pandemic simply accelerated the pace of it being used frequently and by many.

People who are not clear about online education are now almost crystal clear about how it takes place. Teachers who prefer to teach only in a class are experiencing a new way of teaching.

In simpler words, people are also getting to know new ways of doing things due to Online classes, especially the ones who are new to it.

Is Online Education that Important?

Yes. Rather than just online education, I guess you could say that LIVE online education is much more important. When you say online classes, people generally get the gist that they will watch a video on YouTube or some other platform. This is not the case. If you really want to take online classes, it is better to go for LIVE classes.

In terms of importance, it does provide you a platform where, by staying in your house, you can learn. What better chance can you get?

You can also visit websites of IT learning centers like Broadway Infosys, one of the best IT learning centers in Nepal, and find out what they think about online training.

Once you are clear about what Online training/classes are really like, you will definitely be the one to take it.

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