Vacancy- Dot Net Developer @ Progressive Technologies

Job Type

Full Time

Job Level

Mid Level


Progressive Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Solteemod-13, Kathmandu

Offered Salary



Sep 21, 2022

Deadline to Apply

24th April, 2019

Progressive Technologies purely IT Development company with a team of talented developers and designers, we’ve been able to deliver digital solutions for our clients, helping them to succeed in their various industries. Progressive Technologies is a young, non-hierarchical and collegial culture that thrives in new ideas and challenges. We believe in fostering co-operative and creatively competitive environment where each team member has the ability to develop and share applicable knowledge and experience. We are fresh and innovative, and our members are top professionals who are leaders and team players committed to your success. Client satisfaction is our guiding principle. Yes, we are passionate about our work and the satisfaction of the people and businesses we serve. We offer comprehensive solutions for your business from conception to implementation to ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting. We are versatile with a decade long experience in serving diverse client portfolios from pharmaceuticals, automotive, education, tourism, and government investment boards. Because we are always open to new challenges, we have unparalleled experience in providing innovative tech solutions for diverse industries. We are adaptable to your needs and experienced in guiding you and providing novel solutions particular to your business. We are committed to your success, and that is why our clients have stayed with us since the founding days of our company.


  • Should have completed Bachelor in IT or similar subject
  • Programming experience (work, college projects)
  • Analytical thinking
  • Problem solving skill
  • Interest in learning
  • Ability to work in a team


  • Knowledge of MVC.Net, MVC.Net Core, Jquery, Javascript, MSSQL Server.
  • Communicate and work with teams in a globally distributed environment
  • Shares knowledge openly within the team and across engineering
  • Analyze and debug system problems providing clear steps to reproduce issues found