Vue.js Training in Nepal

Vue.js Training in Kathmandu, Nepal

Duration: 1 Month
Career: Vue.js Developer
Training Mode: Both, Physical & Live Online Classes
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Vue Js Training in Nepal

Vue JS is a Javascript framework used in professional web application development which allows developers to build the interactive web interface. As this exciting framework takes the professional web developers by storm, Broadway has introduced career oriented Vue Js training in Nepal. Radically, it augments the need for reactive web application developers in business and other fields. Meanwhile, Vue Js course in Nepal also trains front-end developers who want to excel their skills in building the reactive application as well as advanced web applications. Therefore, Broadway Infosys Nepal intends to take aspiring developers and guide them through Vue Js so that Nepal can be blessed with talented web developers.

As a leading IT institution, we suggest applicants enlist their name at the earliest and reserve the seat for an upcoming session. Our instructors are looking forward to welcoming you all.


Benefits of Vue Js Training

Developers seeking to learn Vue Js can enjoy following benefits:

  • Provides adequate knowledge about advanced web application development.
  • Candidates can learn Vue Js with ease compared to other frameworks
  • Learn to create a single page application.
  • Helps to understand declarative rendering, conditioning and loops in Vue Js.
  • Freedom to choose between several career scope and job opportunities.
  • Helps to keep a mind healthy and sharp
  • Best possible career as a web application developer.
  • Uplifts professionalism and credibility.

Benefits of learning Vue Js do not stop here. In the world demanding new technology every second, it only goes spiraling through the roof. Thus, Broadway suggests you to not waste another moment second-guessing and take the opportunity to find a suitable IT Institution that could offer as much or more than Broadway provides.

Benefits of Vue Js Training at Broadway Infosys

Candidates can acquire the following benefits by learning Vue Js at Broadway Infosys.

  • Experienced and recognized professionals as an instructor.
  • Interactive and participative training sessions at the reasonable cost.
  • Latest technologies are equipped for effective training sessions.
  • Discount is available for deserving students.
  • Devoted students are supplied with free online tutorials.
  • Guaranteed internship and job opportunities.
  • Project work under the supervision of industry experts along with instructors.

Vue.js Training in Nepal - Outlines
  • Overview Of Vue Js

    • Introducing the Course
    • Introducing Vue
    • Application Architecture
  • Installation & Environmental Setup

    • Installing Node
    • Installing NPM/Yarn
    • IDE Setup (Webstrom, VSCode)
    • Example App(Hello Vue)
  • Introduction

    • Introduction About Vue
    • Babel
    • Webpack
    • Node Js(Express)
    • Vue Cli
  • ECMA Script 2015 / ES6

    • ES5 Vs ES6
    • Template
    • Scoping
    • Let/ Const
    • Anonymous Function
    • Rest Parameter
    • Function Hosting
    • Classes
    • Importing / Exporting modules
    • forEach loop
    • Map/filter/find/every/reduce
    • Promises
    • Async/Await


  • Vue Instance

    • First Vue App
    • Vue Reactivity system
    • Vue Development tool
  • Vue Syntax And Essentials

    • Template Rules
    • Directives and v-if
    • V-for and list rendering
    • Event handling directives v-on
    • Components Basic
    • Form Input Bindings
    • Lifecycle Hooks
  • Component

    • Defining Template
    • Registering Template
    • Data Properties
    • Props
    • Computer Vs Watcher
    • Basic Styling with CSS
  • Vue Router

    • Introduction to Vue Router
    • Use Vue Router in Vue App
    • Linking Different Pages
    • Handling route parameter
  • State Management with Vuex

    • Understanding to Vuex
    • Creating Store
    • Mutating the store
    • Acting Upon the Store
    • Getters / Setters
  • Popular Packages

    • Vue Resource / Axios
    • Vuetify
    • Loadash
    • Json web token (
  • Project Work

    • Currency Converter
    • Instance Search / Live Search
    • A sortable and searchable data table
    • Real Time Post/Blog Management System

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