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Vue.js Training in Nepal

Vue.js Training

Duration: 1 Month Career Option: Vue.js Developer

Updated on: 10th Sep, 2018

Vue JS Training in Nepal

To learn professional web applications development using Vue. JS one needs to have basic programming knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. As this exciting JavaScript framework allows developers to build interactive web interfaces it has become popular choice of professional web developers. Broadway Infosys Nepal offers professional Vue.JS training in Nepal to train the front-end developers in building reactive applications. It is a career-oriented training course designed for front-end developers who want to excel their skills in advanced web application development.

Course Highlights

  • Learn basic concepts of Vue.JS for front-end development
  • Learn reactive web applications development using Vue.JS
  • Build advanced single page applications on Vue.JS
  • Learn to integrate Vue.JS with other JavaScript libraries
  • Understand declarative rendering, conditioning and loops in Vue.JS
  • Learn Vue command line interface
  • Regular classroom exercises
  • Project Work at the end of training session

Benefits of Vue.JS Training at Broadway Infosys Nepal

  • Experienced and updated professionals as instructors
  • Well-equipped training labs in professional setting
  • Opportunity to network with professional JavaScript developers
  • Interactive and participative training sessions
  • Understand real world implications of Vue.JS
  • Project work under supervision of industry experts along with instructors
  • Special discounts available for deserving students
  • Customized course and online training session available for needy students
  • Internship and placement opportunities after successful completion of Vue.Js training

Broadway has considered need of introducing Vue.Js training in Nepal with the growing demand of highly reactive web applications in business world. The career scope for front-end developers with Vue knowledge is exciting as they get opportunity to secure high paying jobs globally. We suggest the interested students to consult us anytime via our website, social media pages or by paying direct visit to our office location at Subidhanagar, Tinkune. Our Vue.Js instructors are excited to welcome you to the upcoming training session.

Courses Outline :- Vue.js Training in Nepal
  • Introducing the Course
  • Introducing Vue
  • Application Architecture
  • Installing Node
  • Installing NPM/Yarn
  • IDE Setup (Webstrom, VSCode)
  • Example App(Hello Vue)
  • Introduction About Vue
  • Babel
  • Webpack
  • Node Js(Express)
  • Vue Cli
  • ES5 Vs ES6
  • Template
  • Scoping
  • Let/ Const
  • Anonymous Function
  • Rest Parameter
  • Function Hosting
  • Classes
  • Importing / Exporting modules
  • forEach loop
  • Map/filter/find/every/reduce
  • Promises
  • Async/Await


  • First Vue App
  • Vue Reactivity system
  • Vue Development tool
  • Template Rules
  • Directives and v-if
  • V-for and list rendering
  • Event handling directives v-on
  • Components Basic
  • Form Input Bindings
  • Lifecycle Hooks
  • Defining Template
  • Registering Template
  • Data Properties
  • Props
  • Computer Vs Watcher
  • Basic Styling with CSS
  • Introduction to Vue Router
  • Use Vue Router in Vue App
  • Linking Different Pages
  • Handling route parameter
  • Understanding to Vuex
  • Creating Store
  • Mutating the store
  • Acting Upon the Store
  • Getters / Setters
  • Vue Resource / Axios
  • Vuetify
  • Loadash
  • Json web token (
  • Currency Converter
  • Instance Search / Live Search
  • A sortable and searchable data table
  • Real Time Post/Blog Management System

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