Kaushalya Bhadra

PHP TRAINING 13 October, 2022

It was a great experience of being part of Broadway and learning in such a good environment with a great teacher. I am glad to be a student of our PHP  sir . He had been a great guidance throughout the learning period in Broadway. He was always ready to answer our questions related to subject matter as well as out of the course related to technology. Not only in the class he permitted us to ask any question through the mail in any kind of urgency. Sir is the only one person behind my knowledge in PHP. He helped us patiently as we did know very less about PHP, also he always tried to motivate to learn and try until we succeed. Even we were so lazy sometimes he tried to refresh us and tried to teach us in the way that we were comfortable with. The thing we can learn from Dhiraj sir besides subject matter is the hard work and determination for the work. I am thankful to Dhiraj sir for being an excellent teacher and Broadway for providing a learning platform and serving with great teachers as well as a peaceful environment at an affordable cost. I would like to be a part of Broadway again and learn many more things.