Mr. Iksha Limbu

C & C++ Programming Training 23 March, 2023

If you have a great teacher, who is kind, affable, knowledgeable, and of course helpful then you are a lucky person. So is Mr. Roshan Sth. He has all these qualities and a good option to learn something creative. I was getting stuck in the picture description. I contacted him and he helped me a lot regarding this. He knows how to conduct lessons and make the learner pick it quickly. I liked his methodology, how he first involved the learner, made him observe and describe a picture. He listened to us carefully and wrote down everything the learner was saying. Then, he started discussing, giving ideas, and taught more vocabulary, and some natural expressions and then joined the relevant words for a better description. The best thing which I learned through his lessons was an observation sequence of making a programe with the help of a picture. His lessons were so creative and useful. For sure, I will contact him for more lessons on creative writing.