Ruman Thapa

QA Training 18 April, 2021

Talking about the teacher, he was excellent, not only while teaching but the shared experience of his helped me a lot during my interview and I was able to face the interview confidently. His way of teaching was very good and he wasn't hesitant to repeat the same thing again and again. He focused on making us perfect by every aspect of this field of QA.

Now, talking about the Organization, Broadway Infosys surely helped me to move forward in my career. The final project of testing provided by the Organization helped me to practically test my class knowledge and build confidence to give presentations in front of the mass.

Broadway Infosys is a great organization that mainly focuses on training the students properly and making them ready to compete in this huge IT industry. Also, the organization forwards the CV of the deserving students to the various companies for placement. That's a great initiative done by the organization to help the freshly trained students.

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