Yii framework Training in Nepal

YII PHP Framework Training in Kathmandu, Nepal

Duration: 1.5 Months Career Option: YII Developer

We also offer online classes for trainees who cannot attend the classes physically

Yii PHP Training in Nepal

Broadway Infosys Nepal provides the most comprehensive course for Yii PHP training in Nepal. Yii is an open source high performance framework, with features such as MVC, caching, authentication, security, customization, testing, etc. The classes concerning Yii PHP training will enable the students to become a self-proficient in developing web applications. This advanced course of Yii PHP training in Nepal further develops the skills of experienced PHP programmers by introducing them to advanced techniques, tools, and methodologies that can be used to construct complex, scalable PHP applications. The course in Nepal is intended for individuals aspiring to start a career in PHP application development in Yii.

Benefits of Yii PHP Training

Yii is widely used as the main tool for web development in most companies. Developing a powerful application in less time is a highly prioritized skill and being a specialist in Yii takes you far in career progress. The course also offers extensive coverage of gaining access to databases with Yii's Active Record implementation, which makes querying and storing data safer and easier than raw SQL. Overall, the students get the following benefits after pursuing Yii PHP training:

  • Understanding of Top MVC framework in PHP
  • Learn to complete the application development faster
  • Develop expertise to use Light-weight features and sophisticated caching mechanism
  • Learn Secure and easier data storing and querying

Benefits of Yii PHP training at Broadway Infosys Nepal

With the aim of your personal and professional development, you are heartily welcome to join us and experience the best we have to offer. To all the candidates attending Yii PHP training at Broadway, we provide the following benefits and value added services.

  • Highly qualified and experienced instructors.
  • Affordable training costs.
  • Comprehensive training methodology.
  • Wider access to training equipment and materials.
  • Prepare oneself for the competitive IT market.
  • Scholarship to deserving and needy students.
  • Job placement opportunities for ace trainees.
  • Career opportunities as software developer, Yii developer, senior web developer, etc.

Pre-requisites for Yii framework

Students attending this advanced PHP training course should have experience in developing applications with PHP, as well as using SQL to interface with a database. The students are expected to not have any problem with understanding session, cookies, playing with forms etc. Students should have prior knowledge of object oriented programming in PHP, and knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and AJAX is highly recommended. They should be able to handle standalone Data driven PHP projects before starting this course.

Courses Outline :- Yii framework Training in Nepal

Course Outline:

  • Why Frameworks?
  • Why Yii?
  • What You’ll Need
  • Getting Help
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • The MVC Approach
  • Using a Web Server
  • Command Line Tools
  • Downloading Yii
  • Testing the Requirements
  • Installing the Framework
  • Building the Site Shell
  • Testing the Site Shell
  • The Site’s Folders
  • Referencing Files and Directories
  • Yii Conventions
  • How Yii Handles a Page Request


  • Enabling Debug Mode
  • Moving the Protected Folder
  • Basic Configurations
  • Developing Your Site
  • Generating Code with yii
  • The Model Classes
  • Establishing Rules
  • Changing Labels
  • Watching for Model Events
  • Relating Models
  • The View Structure
  • Where Views are referenced
  • Layouts and Views
  • Editing View Files
  • Working with Layouts
  • Alternative Content Presentation
  • Controller Basics
  • Revisiting Views
  • Making Use of Models
  • Handling Forms
  • Basic Access Control
  • Understanding Routes
  • Tapping into Filters
  • Showing Static Pages
  • Exceptions


  • Debugging Database Operations
  • Database Options
  • Using Active Record
  • Using Query Builder
  • Using Database Access Objects
  • Choosing an Interface Option
  • Common Challenges


  • Understanding Forms and MVC
  • Creating Forms without Models
  • Using CHtml
  • Using “Active” Methods
  • Using CActiveForm
  • Using Form Builder
  • Common Form Needs
  • Cookies
  • Sessions
  • Fundamentals of Authentication
  • Authentication Options
  • The UserIdentity State
  • Authorization
  • Working with Flash Messages
  • Using Widgets
  • Basic Yii Widgets
  • Presenting Data
  • The jQuery UI Widgets


  • The Basics of Extensions
  • The bootstrap Extension
  • The giix Extension
  • Validator Extensions
  • Auto-Setting Timestamps
  • Using a WYSIWYG Editor
  • What You Must Know
  • Adding JavaScript to a Page
  • Using JavaScript with CActiveForm
  • Implementing Ajax
  • Common Needs
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