Bibek Karki

IOS App Development Training 13 October, 2022

I have been around broadway (well, in times) since my college days 4/5 years earlier. And according to my experiences, there is ALWAYS a huge void in between academic education and the industrial requirements. Broadway simply bridges that gap and provides professional training that in itself acts as a stepping stone towards the future career. Moreover, trainings provided here are solely by industrial experts themselves, therefore totally reliable! Training in itself is a never ending process, I mean - as a programmer, you begin with C/C++, then html/css, then web stuffs like php/asp, and so on. The train simply never stops and thanks broadway for being there at the right hour. Apart from that, timing here is so flexible, I mean you are a student, right? - then fine, you can have broadways after college hours. You are a professional? Then fine again. You can always be here before or after work. In short, suit yourself and learn steadily and comfortably. Having learnt ios here simply provided me a wonderful opportunity to upscale my professional skills to a whole new dimension. Now I can completely go full stack in mobile apps development. Finally, I would also like to hugely thank our ios lecturer for being nice and friendly and for providing technical assistance whenever needed. Broadway simply walks its talks. Thank you very much broadway for successfully delivering your promises.

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