Sarmila Pyatha Shrestha

Data Science & ML with Python SQL DBA Training 13 October, 2022

The very first day of the class was really troublesome as my classmate was extra talented in the field of IT. But it's not a big deal as the teacher is very experienced and knew how to take the class in the right way. I am super happy to get a teacher like Biplab Sir. Every new day is a task of researching ideas for the upcoming class and problem-solving by ourselves. I really enjoyed the class. Lastly, I again want to thank Broadway for giving me an opportunity to learn from a very good communicator, collaborative, and adaptable person and providing him as a teacher.

The name itself is very broad and of course, I get to learn much about IT. Being an emerging person in IT, this institution has been a blessing. The co-ordination of the teacher and all the staff are wonderful and appreciable. I wish you all the very best for the new time.